10 Best Business Ideas that Need Low Investment


10 Best Business Ideas that Need Low Investment

Business Idea Need Low Investment – Starting a business is a dream for many, those who want to rule their life their own way. Initiating a business might appear hectic; well, it’s more than hectic, to be honest. But, owning a business means you do not need to follow those strict office hours. Additionally, there’s more freedom and passion in business that would keep you motivated all year round.

Coming back to the starting point, what does a business require the most? Not to brag, but it’s the right amount of investment, workforce, and the right set of strategies that might define the success path of your business at the very beginning.

There’s a myth in the industry that businesses do require large amounts of investments. Yet, there are numerous business ideas that can be pumped up with a comparatively lower investment. Here, we have collected a few trending business options in the industry.

1. Food Delivery

Let’s start with the ones who are working for a stretch of hours at the office and don’t have the time to cook. Home-cooked food delivery is one of the most happening business ideas in Dubai. Employees who work for a 9-to-5 job might not get healthy food for their lunch. Junk foods and fast foods are not healthy choices for those who like to stay fit all year round.

And, you need not invest too much in starting a food delivery system. On the other hand, you can keep the business idea local for the first phase of your business. Start offering your deals to a few employees in your locality. If you can maintain the quality and quantity reasonably, then it would attract more customers. Well, this is a popular choice, and you might find competitors in this field. However, the population is growing, and there are chances for you to explore a huge market.

2. Partnership with Dropshipper

Business and related inventory might give you a headache. After all, when it comes to inventory, you have to think about storage, packing, shipping, and everything in between. If you’re into a sales business and don’t want to handle the inventory, then you can find a dropshipping partner.

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Just make the sales and pass the order to the supplier. You can showcase the product from multiple suppliers, and you need not invest a single buck for it. Use your online store to connect to customers. If any sale is made, the supplier will ship the product to the customer. You can earn a margin or profit by selling the product in the dropshipping model. However, don’t forget to check the quality of the product and review it by yourself before your customers receive the product.

3. Publish your Book

If you’re not sure of what you should sell when you’re into a product-based business, then you might be looking for the product. A book can be a product that you can sell. Wait, do books mean only novels to you? It doesn’t necessarily have to be.

If you have the skills and patience to outline a novel or storybook, then you’re most welcome. In addition to this, it can be picture books, poetry books, cookbooks, coffee table books, comic books, etc. You can pursue a print-on-demand business so that you don’t run in the loss. There are online platforms to let you create, place orders and distribute as per your demand.

4. Sell Service

Business is not only about products; it’s about services, as well. So, if you have relevant skills, then you can sell those services online. And, trust us, this would require the minimum money to start up. If you’re not sure about services, then we have some ideas for you. You can try the following ones, such as:

  • Web designing
  • Blogging
  • Writing
  • Fitness training
  • Calligraphy
  • Photography

5. Technical Freelancing

Don’t waste your technical abilities and analytical skills. You can make use of all your technical skills and earn a huge profit from them. It will be a bonus for you if you have an in-depth knowledge of any programming language. Website design and development is something that has been in trend for years.

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The best part of freelancing is that you barely need to invest on your own. You can use different online platforms to promote your website creation abilities. If you want to earn more credibility and experience, then you might avail online certifications and courses. Numerous online courses are even available online for free.

6. Cleaning and Maids Providers

Nowadays, everyone is focussing on career aspects and the population of Dubai finds merely enough time to look after household stuff. So, cleaning and maids services can be a worthy business idea in Dubai.

Hiring housemaids is quite normal in Dubai, and they can easily afford them. Therefore, you can set up a business for cleaning and housemaids service with professional ones. Set up a company along with a trustworthy website for easy booking and contact purposes.

7. Fitness Center

People are now more aware of the benefits of physical fitness. And, you can take the advantage and open a gymnasium with a minimum number of gym staff. Additionally, you have to arrange a minimum number of gym equipment to attract more and more fitness enthusiasts.

Well, fitness just doesn’t only come from gymnasium training. People have started liking other modes of healthy living, such as yoga, meditation, Zumba, or anything fitness challenge. All you need is some preliminary investment and dedicated staff at your end to make the business idea profitable. If you don’t have any experience in fitness training or yoga premises, then you can hire one professional.

8. Daycare Business

All the working couples are busy with their professional approaches in Dubai and other emirates. When both moms and dads are busy with their professional lives, someone has to take care of the babies.

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So, you can consider a childcare business in Dubai or any other emirate. Daycare services are quite popular in Dubai as parents think that babies can learn something new, and it’s something extra than only babysitting. Therefore, you can consider opening a daycare center and taking care of kids.

9. Sell Digital Courses

If you can’t find anything to sell off, you can create digital courses and products to sell. Are you out of ideas? Well, you can try digital products, such as courses, templates, music, and so on. You need not worry about the recurring manufacturing cost, or you don’t have to ship them anywhere. So, your costs maintain a margin.

But, this idea might seem a bit tricky as producing digital content or products can be a little hectic. You might be in confusion whether people would be willing to pay for your digital products or courses. But, if you have talent in specific fields, you can try curating digital courses and selling them off.

10. Event Organiser

If you have a charming personality, networking skills, and management abilities, then event organization is something that you can try. It might be quite hard to get your first clients, but it won’t be a big problem if you do the right things in the right way.

However, the main drawback of this business idea is that you’ll need enough workforce and too much effort. But, after a successful project, you can imagine how many weddings and parties are going to knock on the door. So, event management can be a really cool business idea with comparatively lower investment.


Businesses, be it small or large, can’t be successful overnight; You need to admit the fact. Whatever low investment business you choose, you have to keep patience and pursue different working tricks to round off the difficulties and make the most of the benefit of your business.

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