Fix OPPO Neo 9 A37 not Charging Solution Jumper

Fix OPPO Neo 9 A37 not Charging Solution Jumper
On this occasion the Mobilintec Team will share information about improvements

to solve the OPPO Neo 9 A37 charging problem with Charging Solution.

After disassembling the cellphone, you must take a number of steps as shown in the diagram above. check the charging port and the battery in if they have a good value if yes then replace the charger and check and if the charging point on the PCB board does not show a value corresponding to the meter then you have to check all connected parts and paths, you can see in the diagram OPPO Neo 9 A37.

look at the PCB board carefully if there is damage resulting in rust or corrosion caused by water or there may be damaged components. if there is a missing or damaged path can be done jumper as given and if there are damaged components then replace them with new ones.

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Please be thorough and check the parts and lines that are connected to the charging issue section of OPPO Neo 9 A37.

Minimize the risk of other damage by carefully examining the main damage.

This is the information that Mobilintec Team can provide, hopefully it can be useful for obstacles
OPPO neo 9 A37 which cannot be loaded.