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2 Ways To Fix Lenovo A7000 Mobile Phone With Small Speaker Sound

2 ways to fix Lenovo A7000 mobile phone with small speaker sound
Meet again with the Mobilintec Team to discuss information and resolve problems on mobile phones or android roles that are experiencing damage problems.

On this occasion, we will work out a solution for how to fix the Android Lenovo A7000 small speaker or buzzer sound. Tips and solutions for this improvement are not specifically for the Android Lenovo A7000 only. But can also be applied to other Lenovo Android phones that still use Mediatek chipsets ( MTK). 

For other types or brands of Android, you might also try a solution to improve the sound of this small speaker or buzzer, as long as you still use the Mediatek (MTK) chipset base.

this time we will try to do with the method of 2 ways to maximize the sound settings of the Lenovo A7000 android phone because it is the basis of the Lenovo A7000 android it does tend to have a small sound.

So in this tutorial Mobilintec Team will try to provide 2 methods of improvement on Lenovo A7000 android phones so that they can get the maximum sound produced.

Maybe you are quite curious about the method or method to maximize sound on the small Lenovo A7000 android.

Below will Mobilintec Team provides its solution to fix Lenovo A7000 mobile phone with small speaker sound 

1. In the first step, you can download the application MTK engineering mode in the Google Play Store or other Android application provider websites or you can access MTK engineering mode and type the code *#*#3646633#*#* on the dial-pad on the Lenovo A7000 phone.

2. After being installed on the Lenovo A7000 mobile phone, the next step is to open the MTK engineering mode application and enter the MTK settings menu> hardware> audio

3. You select the setup menu for speakers and headsets

4. then select the media menu and change the volume settings to a maximum of 150 or 160

5. after finished doing the Restart on the Lenovo A7000 cell phone and try to notice whether there is a change from the sound produced.

The second method and solution :
This solution we have to replace the hardware from the Android A7000 phone to fix the small speaker sound.

If the first method is not successful using MTK engineering mode. You should try to replace the speaker or buzzer on the Lenovo A7000 android phone, maybe the speaker or buzzer condition on the Lenovo A7000 android phone is not in good condition.

Switch the speaker or buzzer carefully to avoid additional damage.

Such are the solutions and tips on how to fix a small speaker or buzzer sound on the Lenovo A7000 android phone. Hopefully, the information and tips above can be useful for those of you who are experiencing problems or damage to the Lenovo A7000 android phone with a small speaker sound.

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