Success 100% Fix Xiaomi Mi 4i Weak Signal In This Way

Repair solution Xiamoi Mi 4I Weak signal
The weak problem of the signal on mobile devices is often the case for any mobile device, many factors that can cause weak signals. For this opportunity, Mobilintec Team will provide information and a weak signal repair solution on the Android phone device Xiaomi Mi 4i. Maybe some of you have an Android phone Xiaomi MI 4i weak signal, sometimes the signal can be very strong but also can arrive lost signal at all and very difficult to signal to reappear.

For a weak Xiaomi MI 4i repair solution, Mobilintec Team will provide a technical improvement review, which is certainly the way you can be adjusted to improve the weak signal problems on the mobile device.

For step steps Xiaomi repair MI 4i weak signal can do in the following way:

1. Change Sim Card
Try to change SIM card on Android phone Xiaomi MI 4i, sometimes weak factor signal can be caused by SIM card that started to malfunction, after making change SIM card try to observe if there are changes to the signal found on Xiaomi MI 4i

2. Check antenna connectors
This step should be done by unpacking the Android phone Xiaomi MI 4i and do a check on the antenna connectors, whether there is damage, if the damage occurs immediately by resoldering the antenna connector so that the line on the antenna is re-connected, look at the diagram image shown.
Repair solution Xiamoi Mi 4I Weak signal
3. Replace the antenna cable
If step 2 (Antenna connector inspection) has been done, but the signal also remains weak, you can do the cable antenna switching with a new one with good quality. As should his in this way weak problem signal on Android phone Xiaomi MI 4i is resolved.

After switching the cable antenna, again observe whether the signal on the phone is strong and Setabil.

4. Replace IC signal PA/RF code (WTR4905 OVV)
But if the above 3 ways still have not produced the best results, most likely the signal IC on the phone Xiaomi MI 4I is weak and must be made substitution, to do the change of signal IC (WTR4905 OVV) required special skills, and its change should be careful and thorough, carefully, in order to avoid damage that gets worse. Because around IC WTR4905 OVV, quite a lot of components are very close to one and the other.
 IC signal PA/RF code (WTR4905 OVV) for Xiaomi Mi 4i
For the problem of weak signal repair on Xiaomi MI 4i has been done by Mobilintec Team and successfully without constraints, hopefully, the information and solutions weak repair this signal can be useful for those of you who are experiencing obstacles or damage the same on the device Xiaomi MI 4i mobile phone that you have.
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