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Advan T1R Fake Charging Battery Jumper Solutions

Advan T1R Fake Charging Battery Jumper Solutions
Advan T1R fake charging battery jumper solutions - Hello, nice to meet you again, on this occasion we from the Mobilintec Team will share information and solutions to common cell phone damage problems.

And for the current article will provide a repair solution on Android Advan T1R which has problems with fake charging a battery so that we charge the battery long enough to not be full.

What are the main causes that we will discuss in this opportunity to overcome the problem on Android Advan T1R?

Below we will discuss the possibility of causing fillings on the Android Advan T1R fake charging battery:

1. Charger cable that is not good or damaged 

Many types of cable chargers are available on the market, but you must be careful to choose the quality of the charger cable to use on your Android device.
Do not be tempted by cheap prices but the quality is not good and easily damaged.

Instead, you can try replacing a good quality charger cable to charge the battery on the Android ADVAN T1R

2. Replace the charger connector or port on the Android ADVAN T1R device 

In the diagram shown, try to replace the charging port with new parts and good quality. The power charger port can also be a major cause of fake chargers on Advan T1R Android devices
Advan T1R Fake Charging Battery Jumper Solutions
3. The jumper on Advan T1R android 
In the final step, you can do the jumper following the diagram shown.
Do it carefully and carefully so that you can avoid adding more damage to your Advan T1R Android device.

For the Android Advan T1R repair solution we have discussed, testing by Mobilintec Team. For those of you who solve the problem of damage to the Android Advan T1R Maybe, you can apply the solution provided and can be done carefully.

Hopefully, all the discussion about the problem of charging a fake battery in android Advan T1R can be used for everyone.