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4 Steps Fix Error Proximity Sensor All Types Android Xiaomi

4 Steps Fix Error Proximity Sensor All Types Android Xiaomi
Disturbed with the performance problems of Error Proximity Sensor Xiaomi Android phones are very annoying,

Generally, symptoms and constraints seen due to its error performance on proximity sensors are:

-If we are making a telephone call to arrive on the screen on the Xiaomi Android phone will be immediately dark and can not be turned on. Automatically we can not do anything, the condition of the phone will be normal when the phone call is over.

-The screen will return dark when we make a video call using the Whatsapp application or its similar application. Automatically the screen will also be dark. And for sure we are quite annoyed we can not see our talking opponent because of the screen dark.

Maybe it's a hassle when getting a case and problem of damage proximity sensors on your Android phone Xiaomi you have.

So in this opportunity, Mobilintec Team will discuss and share how to repair the damaged proximity sensors on all types of Xiaomi Android.

Want to know-how and the improvement steps to fix Error Proximity Sensor All Types Android Xiaomi:


To try to troubleshoot proximity sensor errors on Xiaomi Android phones can restart or wipe data. This way can restore the condition Android phone Xiaomi back to the initial condition with the best performance.


In this way, you have to dismantle the entire Xiaomi and do cleaning the proximity using a tissue or cotton.
The error in proximity sensors can be caused by dust covering the proximity sensor so that its performance becomes obstructed.


If the phone restarts android Xiaomi and also cleans proximity sensors have not received results, try proximity sensor calibration:
  • Type the code * # * #6484 # * # * or * # * #64663 # * # * on the Android phone Dialpad Xiaomi.
  • After that it will go to Hardware menu Test > Select Proximity Sensor > Press the calibration button
  • The step will reload your Xiaomi phone, and try to do a phone call if the proximity sensor is back to normal.


For this way surely in need of special skills and supporting tools to make changes or remove proximity sensors on Android phones. If the above 3 steps are still not getting the best result, you must replace the proximity sensor or simply release it.

But the drawback to this way, when we make a telephone call, the screen will remain lit.
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Similarly, some steps fix error on proximity sensors in all types of Xiaomi Android phones, hopefully, the way he can be useful for those of you who are experiencing these obstacles.
Always visit the page to get information, tips, and how to repair damage to your phone. Thanks.