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Fix Samsung Galaxy J2 Power Button Solution Jumper

Fix Samsung Galaxy J2 Power Button Solution Jumper
How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J2 power button - Meet again with the Mobilintec team to discuss information and solutions to damage problems on mobile devices.

We will always provide you with the best information and solutions for those of you who are experiencing problems or damage to your mobile.

On this occasion, we will discuss the problem on the power button Samsung Galaxy J2 by applying a jumper trick. Maybe some of you have problems with Samsung Galaxy J2 that can not be turned on because of button breakdowns.

But if the phone is connected to a power source, then the phone can charge normally, but still can not be turned on. This could be due to the power button Samsung Galaxy J2 starts to break or the path around the power button section of Samsung Galaxy Rusty.

For solutions on how to solve the power button Samsung Galaxy J2 that does not work, you can perform the steps: 

1. Do the disassembly of Galaxy J2 and try to clean it on the power button by using a brush and alcohol liquid.
2. Make a change of power button with a new part on the Samsung Galaxy phone. This way the usually succeed in resolving the problem.
3. When you have done cleaning and switching on the power button, but not yet get good results in the power button problem.

Then the next step can check the path on the Samsung Android phone PCB board, and perform the line repair with the line jumper.
You can check on the path connected to the button on/off Samsung Galaxy J2, using the Multimeter tool. and see its measurement results.

If there is damage to the track on the board. Immediately do the line jumper so that the condition of the path can return to normal and the phone can be switched back. Do the implementation of the line jumper according to the given diagram image, so that there is no error in making repairs.

Such is the information about the solution to overcome the damage to the power button Samsung Galaxy J2 by performing a jumper trick. For those who want information and solutions about phone problems, please visit the page

We hope all the information provided can be useful to you all, Thanks.