Repair Solution Ear Speaker Or Earpiece Xiaomi Redmi 6A

At the Mobilintec Team opportunity to discuss problems on the Android device Xiaomi Redmi 6A which is problematic on the ear speaker, the damage to the ear speaker can be caused by several factors. Open 

To inspect and analyze the ear speaker on Android Xiaomi Redmi 6A must dismantle the entire mobile device to take the analysis step where the damage occurred

For the way it is explained in the following description:

1. Check and replace the ear speaker
Try checking the ear speaker using the Multimeter tool, if the ear speaker has no value in a measure, immediately replace the Xiaomi Redmi 6a ear speaker with the new one.

2. Check the ear speaker path
The following steps do a check on the path in the speaker part of the ear that is in the diagram image and also perform the line cleaning using a brush that is given a small amount of fluid alcohol. Speaker Lane Xiaomi Redmi Ear 6A is back clean.

3. Do away jumper
After checking the track and also done cleaning, try checking the path of the Xiaomi Redmi 6A ear Speaker with the Multimeter is there is a line cut off when in getting the line that broke immediately do the way jumper to Condition returned to normal.

4. Replace the damaged components
In the diagram picture listed several other supporting components, try to do a check on each individual component with multimeter tool, if there is a defective component, try replacing it immediately with the same value component, just delete or Jumper only. To overcome damage to the ears of the Xiaomi Redmi 6a.

To perform the checking and switching of the components in the diagram image, please do so carefully and carefully, to avoid increasing damage. 

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Hopefully, the information about the damage repair Speaker Xiaomi Redmi 6A can be useful for those of you who are experiencing the same problem or damage. Thanks