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4 Ways Full Repair TouchScreen Xiaomi Redmi 4A Error

Hello Buddy, reunites with Mobilintec Team to discuss information, tips, and repair solutions TouchScreen smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 4A Error.

Are there some of you are having trouble or damage on touch screen Android phone Xiaomi Redmi 4A that can not be touched at all.

May be caused by falling, being exposed to water, or not being depressed when placed in the pocket. But in this case, the touchscreen screen is not at all touch without any damage that has been described above.

Therefore, in this opportunity, Mobilintec Team will share several ways to solve the Android touch screen Xiaomi Redmi 4A that can not be touched by analysis method and also technically by replacing components or by way of line jumper.

What are how the fix TouchScreen Xiaomi Redmi 4A Error, it will be explained below:


In this way, you can do the first step to fix the touch screen phone Android Xiaomi Redmi 4A that can not be touched. It could be the damage was caused by the system on Xiaomi Redmi 4A phone error occurs on its system. So it affects the touch screen that becomes untouchable.


4 Ways Full Repair Screentouch Xiaomi Redmi 4A Error
To do this repair, you must unpack the entire section on the phone Xiaomi Redmi 4A. And try to check the touch socket on the PCB board whether corrosion or rust occurs. If there is rust or corrosion immediately make up with the brush in the supply of alcohol to the touch socket Xiaomi 4A back clean.


4 Ways Full Repair Screentouch Xiaomi Redmi 4A Error

In this way, it is more technical because it takes special skills and supporting equipment to remove the capacitor that you can see in the diagram image listed. The faulty cause of his capacitor occurs due to water exposure so shorting occurs. Simply unplug the capacitor and try restarting Android Xiaomi Redmi 4A if it can be used normally.


For the last way, try doing a check from the screen selector pin to the 3 diodes found in the diagram image, if there is a line break do jumper. Do removal of diode components to fix the touchscreen Xioami Redmi 4A error.
4 Ways Full Repair Screentouch Xiaomi Redmi 4A Error

For 4 ways it has been done by Mobilintec Team and we get the best results by using away on the 3rd part is to unplug the capacitor without having to change its and the touchscreen Android Xiaomi Redmi 4A back to normal.
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For those of you who are also experiencing the same problem, can apply several ways that Mobilintec Team to share.
Hopefully, information and solutions error repair Xiaomi Redmi 4A touch-screen errors can be useful for all of you. Thanks.