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How To Easily Root An Android Phone With A Computer ( PC )

How To Easily Root An Android Phone With A Computer ( PC )
Root Android phone ??? It is very interesting to do. Many Android users root their devices. Because the Android base is similar to the Linux operating system is open source so by doing root you can modify the system on Android to maximize the functionality of the Android.

There are two options for rooting on Android, can do without a computer (PC) just simply use the root application which is quite a lot and easy to get.

But now the Mobilintec team will discuss how to root Android using a computer (PC). Root android mobile is easy with PC 

1. Activate the USB Debugging feature How to activate the USB Debugging feature can be entered into the settings on your Android and look for the About Phone option then select Build Number, tap repeatedly in the Build Number column until the text (You are now Developer) appears. Return to the settings menu and navigate to Developer options and then activate the USB Debugging feature.

2. Root your computer (PC) Connect your Android with a USB cable to the computer and you can choose several common root applications that are very easy to use such as iRoot, Root, or TowelRoot.

VRoot is very easy to operate just one click just the root process is already running.

TowelRoot almost supports the Root process in all types of Android Mobile brands, the process is also just a click of the root process already running,

TowelRoot is suitable for those of you who like higher Root levels.

iRoot can also be used to root Android phones, there are quite a lot of positive responses about the iRoot application.

And make sure your Android battery has power above 50% to minimize unwanted risk when the root process is running.

Maybe you can try one of the applications above. Always visit the Mobilintec page to get information, tips, and repair solutions for other Android phones.