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3 Way To Repair Nokia 105 White Screen

Repair the Nokia 105 White screen, this problem of damage often occurs in some phones Nokia Model candy bar, this damage can be caused by some factors.

To fix the problem of damage Nokia 105 This white screen can be done some steps to repair. Follow these workarounds as follows:

1. Check the LCD Nokia 105

3 Way To Repair Nokia 105 White Screen
Do a check on the LCD display Nokia 105 If there is damage to the flexible, in case of damage, it must immediately make the LCD switching so that the white screen problem on the Nokia 105 can be solved.

2. Do the component checks 

Check the component shown in the diagram image, if there is damage to perform the meter using the Multimeter, immediately make a change to the component that causes the Nokia 105 screen to be white blank.

3. Perform track checks on the PCB

3 Way To Repair Nokia 105 White Screen
When you have made the LCD switching and also have done switching components on the LCD drivers but the condition of the screen remains white could be caused by the line is caused by disconnected.

Damage to Nokia 105 LCD white blank could be due to the line on the PCB board disconnected, this can happen due to corrosion and rust caused by water, for the solution you can see in the diagram image, do the line jumper cut off, then Certain damage to Nokia 105 that white screen alone can be solved.

As an additional record for those of you who want to make improvements to the mobile phone, please note the safety of the work, in order to avoid the damage added to the phone that you are fixing, it can cause losses Against yourself.

So the information about repair solutions Nokia 105 LCD white display. Hopefully, this fix can be useful for those of you who are trying to repair the same damage on Nokia 105 phones. Thanks