3 Ways LCD Repair Solution OPPO A3s No Display No Backlight

3 Ways LCD Repair Solution OPPO A3s no display no backclight
The problem no backlight on a mobile device is a common case, surely this will be the moment when we use a lot of activities using an Android phone device, in this opportunity Mobilintec Team try to discuss and Provide a repair solution on Android device OPPO A3s no backlight. Maybe some of you have the same obstacles and damage on Android phones OPPO A3s that have no light on the display or its LCD

In this post will be given some solutions Android OPPO A3S No technical backlight. Want to know what are the improvements to see the explanation below:

1. Check the line and flexible LCD
Try to make a check on the component path and flexible cable on OPPO LCD A3s, if there is corrosion or rust that is caused by water, try cleaning using a brush plus a little liquid alcohol to make the path back clean, apply Jumper when there is a path that broke due to corrosion.

2. Check the voltage and replace the components.
Examination of the condition of supporting components on the backlight part of the OPPO A3s LCD is very important, try to do measurements using multimeter and see if there is damage to the component that has been described in the diagram, if after done Measurements in components and to display the result of an inappropriate voltage value in the diagram image then try to turn the component to the back of normal voltage so that the problem no backlight LCD display OPPO A3s can be solved.

3. Replace LCD OPPO A3s
When in the center of the supporting component of OPPO A3S backlight displays good voltage results and also normal after measuring using a multimeter, but the light on the LCD OPPO A3S does not appear or remain black blank, then try to change the LCD, Can actually also make changes to the LEDs in the LCD OPPO a3s But the difficulty level is higher, but if you have good precision can check the condition of the LED on OPPO LCD display A3S whether there is a line or LED Disconnect and can do the line jumper and new LED switching with good condition. And certainly after changing the LCD as well as switching LCD new No backlight display problem on OPPO A3s is resolved.

So some steps that can Mobilintec Team give to get the damage to Android phone OPPO A3s no backlight. Hopefully, the solution can solve the problem of damage found on the OPPO A3s mobile device you have.
Always do inspections in every part or component that you want to refine carefully and also be careful to avoid working accidents against you and add damage to the phone device that is being fixed.

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