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4 Ways To Fix Xiaomi Mi 6X Touchscreen Not Work

LCD Xiaomi Mi 6x Repair
Xiaomi Mi 6x Touch screen does not work, the touchscreen malfunction does not work often when encountered in various phone damage.

It is certainly a constraint when we want to use the mobile device. Because it is almost 80% damage A mobile phone around the LCD and its touch screen.

Some causes of the possibility of damage Xiaomi Mi 6x touch screen not working among others:

  • The mobile phone dropped firmly
  • Cell phone exposed to water
  • The phone screen has shattered or cracked
For the phone screen, Xiaomi Mi 6x is experiencing rupture or cracking and an impact on the functioning of the touch screen.

We can just directly replace the LCD screen on the Xiaomi Mi 6x with a new part and certainly, the problem touch screen is not working already can be in Overcome.
Here we have 4 ways to fix Xiaomi Mi 6X Touchscreen not work.

For the completion of the problem then Mobilintec Team will give 4 ways to repair Xiaomi Mi 6x touch screen does not work, what are the ways to see the explanation below:


If the Xiaomi Mi 6X phone you have dropped and did not experience broke on its LCD screen but the touchscreen is not working.

The steps can be done try disassembly the Xiaomi mi 6x phone and check each socket on the PCB board Xiaomi Mi 6x. Especially on the part of the LCD socket and Touchscreen socket, a large possible socket disengaged when the phone is Xiaomi Mi 6x dropped.
So that making the touchscreen is not working, it will tighten every socket that is on the board of the Xiaomi Mi 6x phone PCB so that the condition return to normal.


For damage to Xiaomi Mi 6x touchscreen can not function as a result of exposure to water and water to the board part of the PCB and to cause rust and corrosion.
You can do an inspection and also clean when finding rust and corrosion On components and LCD sockets as well as touchscreen sockets.


Other possibilities cause the phone Xiaomi mi 6x touch screen not work, the occurrence of the end of the line and also flexible torn on the cable flexible touchscreen or LCD, you can apply the line jumper on the flexible touchscreen and LCD to return to normal.


4 Ways To Fix Xiaomi Mi 6X Touchscreen Not Work
Image Source: A-One
For the final solution in which the damage to the Xiaomi Mi 6x touch screen is not working. You can perform the path and component checks on the diagram image listed.

Examine each path using the Multimeter tool When encountered the line that broke up the line jumper immediately to return to normal. And do an inspection of the components listed according to the diagram image whether there is damage.

Under normal conditions, each component will produce a voltage value of approximately 2 volt DC if measured. After measuring the component does not produce the appropriate voltage values than in making sure the component is damaged.

Then replace it with the new component in order to malfunction problems Xiaomi mi 6x touch screen not work.
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Such a repair solution Xiaomi Mi 6x touch screen does not work that can Mobilintec Team gives. Hopefully, the information can be beneficial to you who have the same case as the Phone.