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Fix 100% Done Non-removable Android Phone Battery

Fix 100% Done Non-removable Android Phone Battery
Fix non-removable Android phone battery According to some it is impossible. And it is very troublesome because it is difficult to do dismantling on Android phones.

In the present time, the development of technology in the gadget and smartphone sector is very fast.

Each smartphone manufacturers race the race to introduce features of sophistication on every phone they spend.

And not miss Also in the use of a non-removable battery, mobile phone manufacturers offer a wide range of non-removable batteries with very large capacity.

So that a smartphone can survive in longer life conditions while we are using the phone.

Some common problems that occur on phones that use non-removable batteries:

  • The mobile phone cannot be charging
  • The mobile phone cannot be turned on 
Could be 2 signs of symptoms caused by the damaged non-removable battery used in the phone.
Do not directly to calculate damage contained in the component or IC on the PCB board of the phone.

So in this opportunity, Mobilintec Team will provide information and how to repair non-removable battery Android phones away.

Sometimes the battery has been replaced with a lower quality than the built-in non-removable battery of the smartphone.

To make repairs to the non-removable Android phone battery will be described below: 

Found on the series of protectors found on the battery of your Android phone. His common fuse position on non-removable batteries is different.

Here Mobilintec Team gives a diagram drawing of a phone battery Xiaomi.

To find the battery protection part, simply open the layer that is on the top of the battery, do it with your heart in the case of unlocking its protector.

If you have been able to see the protective part of the non-removable battery, try checking the fuse in the section.

Checking it using the Multimeter tool if the measurement results do not show the result, it is likely that the fuse on the battery protection has been damaged.

You can replace it with a new fuse, the fuse can be from the battery of the other phone that is not worth wearing. Or simply do away jumper on the fuse, so that the path returns to normal.
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For additional notes Please check the protective section on non-removable batteries carefully to avoid the occurrence of shorting the battery.

Hopefully, the information on how to Fix a non-removable Android phone battery can be useful For those of you who are experiencing damage to your phone.