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Flashing Xiaomi Redmi 3s To Solve Bootloop, Hardbrick And Unlock Micloud

Xiaomi Redmi 3s
How to re-flash Xiaomi Redmi 3s and Prime/PRO, Mobilintec Team gives to solve the problem Android Xiaomi Redmi 3s device boot loop, locked mi cloud, or damage system. Generally, firmware or stock ROM Xiaomi Redmi 3s circulating on the Internet is not able to resolve the problem of damage to the Xiaomi Redmi 3s, usually, after we have done a flash reset will arise new problems such as WiFi that can not work and proximity sensors that also join the problem. 

And when we Trying to repair WiFi and proximity sensors are problematic then Xiaomi Redmi 3s phone will be re-locked mi cloud, surely this will make our work useless and also annoying. To re-install on Xiaomi Redmi 3s it is recommended to use a computer or laptop with a minimum spec windows 7 64bit.

Here is a tutorial on how to Flashing Xiaomi Redmi 3S in a state Bootloop HardBrick or Locked mi cloud The materials and software needed are: 

1. Download The Flash tool MiFlash Tool, Here
2. Download driver QDLoader HS-USB Driver 64bit
3. Download Stock ROM Xiaomi Redmi 3s fix wifi and proximity sensors
4. Download ADB fast boot, Here
5. Data Cable with good quality
For password stock ROM Xiaomi Redmi 3s can contact me at WhatsApp number +6287869598899 or My Facebook ( Free )

The first step before Flashing is to prepare the installation of drivers and flash tools that you have downloaded above:
-Install MiFlash Tool
-Install The QDLoader HS-USB driver
-Extract Stock ROM Xiaomi Redmi 3s fix wifi and proximity sensor download earlier in the folder that you have on your computer or laptop.
-Make sure the Xiaomi Redmi 3S are in the FastBoot Mode position (with the way that is press Power + volume down simultaneously) until the bunny image is fixing the robot.
Fastboot Mode xiaomi
The second step is to Flashing the Xiami process Redmi 3s/Pro or Prime:
-If the phone is Xiaomi Redmi 3s has in the position of Fastboot Mode,
-The next step connects the USB or data cable to your Xiaomi Redmi 3s charger port to your computer or laptop.

Next open the ADB Folder according to the location during the first installation you install ADB FastBoot driver as an example located on the computer: (C:/Program file/Xiaomi/MiPhone/Google/Android) you have to press the SHIFT key on the Keyboard computer + right click on the mouse select Open Command Window here menu, see image below:
ADB Fastboot Xiaomi
In Windows cmd type the command fastboot devices to find out if your phone device Xiaomi Redmi 3s detected or not, if detected type fastboot reboot by while pressing the volume key-and + on Xiaomi Redmi 3s phone you want to re-flash, then enter and reboot your Redmi 3 with the command of fastboot reboot in Windows cmd.

If the above steps are done correctly then your Xiaomi Redmi 3s phone will die and black blank only on its LCD screen but do not worry, because this way is a step to resolve the problem on Xiaomi Redmi 3s/pro or your prime that has Bootloop, hard brick, lock Mi cloud or can not go into Download Mode.

By installing the HS-USB QDLoader Driver on your computer or laptop, your Xiaomi Redmi 3s/pro or prime phone will be detected on Port for example (COM & LPT) COM3, COM4, or any other Port.

Next please open your MiFlash Tool and select the Refresh button and look in the device field then it will be detected COM3, COM4, or Port with different numbers, on the Select button in MiFlash Tools put on the input Stock ROM you have downloaded earlier, how to flash by using MiFlash Tools This takes a little long in its process
MiFlash Tools Xiaomi Redmi 3s
If the Flash process is complete then there will be a description of flash done green on the tab status in MiFlash Tool, please unplug the data cable from the phone Xiaomi Redmi 3s/pro or prime and restart it by pressing and holding the power button about 15 seconds until the phone is turned back on, wait for the boot process on Xiaomi Redmi 3s/pro or prime you finish, usually after the Flash process Xiaomi Redmi 3s finish will take a long time about 3 to 5 minutes to be able to enter into the menu normally.

Similarly, the step to flash Xiaomi Redmi 3s problematic boot loop, Hard brick, locked Mi cloud, or error system without fear of WiFi and proximity sensors become not functioning.
Hopefully, this article can be useful and help you who are experiencing damage or problems on Xiaomi Redmi 3s/pro or prime. Always visit the page for information, tips, and other mobile repair solutions.