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Repair Damage Nokia 108 (RM 944) Headset Mode

Repair Damage Nokia 108 (RM 944) Headset Mode
Reunites with Mobilintec Team on this occasion will share with you everything is about the problem of damage Nokia 108 headset mode.
The symptom of damage that is caused by the appearance of the headphone logo is when you turn on a Nokia phone 108 will The headphone mode appears on the display screen near the battery's logo bar at the top right.

The result of the headset logo on the Nokia 108 will cause the sound of the buzzer speakers to appear as well and the speaker's earpiece function does not work for phone calls, but our voice is still heard by our talking opponent.

To repair the damaged Nokia 108 Headset Mode logo You can do things simple repair first. By cleaning the sections that may occur corrosion is left by water, a small possibility can cause the damage.

Before we go a long way to check on the PCB board and also other supporting components.

Some solutions you can do to repair Nokia 108 Headset mode. Here are some possible ways to solve the problem.

If the other simple things you have done but still unable to solve the problem of the headset logo, it can be done with a repair analysis More accurately.


Try to do the cleaning on the Nokia 108 headset hole, there can be dirt that goes into the hole. So as to cause the occurrence of the Headset logo, you can clean it using a cotton bud.


Repair Damage Nokia 108 (RM 944) Headset Mode
According to the diagram, the image indicated, you can perform a check on the components around the headset jack, take measurements using a multimeter, when encountered damaged parts immediately replace with the same value components.


repair solution Nokia 108 (RM 944) Headset Mode
In the unintentionally detached Components diagram image, try to apply the same as the diagram image, possibly the cause of the headset mode in Nokia 108 due to that component.

Thus some steps repair solutions Nokia 108 Headset mode that can Mobilintec Team give. Hopefully, this information can be useful for you are getting the same problem on the Nokia 108.