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Repair Damage Android Oppo A37 No Signal

Reunited with Mobilintec Team, on this occasion will share about the problem device Oppo A37 or A37f with no signal damage.

Symptoms of damage Oppo A37 No signal mentioned above is certainly all activities to make telephone calls, SMS or Internet.

And the damage to Oppo A37 No signal is causing all the activities that we will do with the network connection will be really disturbed.

So in this opportunity, Mobilintec Team will give an article that will provide information to repair the damage Android phone Oppo A37 no signal.

Just go to how to fix the network damage on Oppo phone device A37 or a37f, of course, we have to do a simple check first, such as checking on the phone settings, could be network is not active, make sure the network is active or if you want to use the Internet you activate cellular data on OPPO phones The A37.

If you have done a simple check but have not yet completed the problem of signal damage on Oppo A37.

Then you can re-install the Oppo a37 phone, do not close the possibility of damage to the system so Impact on the loss of network on Oppo a37 phones.

But if after finishing re-install the software does not resolve the problem on the HP Oppo a37f.

Then the last step we can disassemble the Oppo A37 phone to be checked on the hardware.

It could be happening to Disconnect the line or the defective component in the Signal Support section of the Oppo A37 that is experiencing damage there is no network.

Below will be given a drawing diagram for damage repair Oppo A37f-A37 No signal is as follows:


Repair Damage Android Oppo A37 No Signal
You can do the cable antenna check that is on the Oppo A37, try to make measurements on the antenna cable if there is a line break.

Can be done to change with the new cable antenna, and re-solder the pin the Connector Antenna that is marked with a red circle.

It could be a pin of the antenna connector regardless of or corrosion caused rust, thus causing the phone Oppo a73 no network.


Replace the RF IC Oppo A37 No Signal
If after checking on the line and cable antenna Oppo A37 But it turns out Oppo A37 still no network.

Then the next step you can do a check on the RF IC that has been shown in the diagram picture.

Try to Rehot IC Use a blower, but if the result of Oppo A37 still no network then you must make changes to the RF IC.
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To avoid increasing damage to Oppo A37 phones, please take careful examination and replacement of the components. Hopefully with the information that has Mobilintec Team can provide the problem of damage Oppo A37 no signal.

And always visit the Mobilintec.Net page to get information, tips, and other mobile repair solutions.