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Repair Solution Battery Non-Removable All Android Type

Battery Repair Solution Non-Removeble Mobile Phone Android Vivo, Oppo, Asus, Xiaomi, Samsung And Other Brands
Repair Solution Battery Non-Removable All Android Type - Reunited with Mobilintec Team to discuss solution damage to mobile devices.

Many share the type of damage on a mobile phone, such as a mobile phone that completely dead, no display, no signal, or speakers that can not be turned on.

This is sure to be very often in nature by users of Android smartphones or other types of mobile phones. And surely it is very disturbing once.

In this opportunity, we will solve the problem of damage to a mobile device that arrived not can turn on. Because many things can make the battery on the smartphone become damaged and can not be charging

Maybe you have Android phones such as brand, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung, LG, or other brands that use the non-removable battery. For preliminary analysis do not immediately assume that damage is found in the components on the phone PCB board.

Try doing a check on the battery used on the phone. It could be damage to the protector in the battery.

For Repair Solution Battery Non-Removable All Android Do this way: 

Do the test and measurement on the fuse component located on the circuit board on the phone battery.

If the result of the test appears the damage to the fuse component, then the replacement can be done to the defective component.

But if the replacement component does not have, just apply the jumper on the damaged fuse.

Hopefully, the information on how to fix or Repair Solution Battery Non-Removable Android phone like Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung, LG, and also other brands can be useful for those of you who are experiencing a problem of damage to the phone that can not be lit or done charging Power.

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