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Solution Repair Android Xiaomi Mi 6 No Ringer

Solution Repair Android Xiaomi Mi 6 No Ringer
Image Source: A-One
Android Xiaomi Mi 6 No Ringer can cause the ringing tone to be unavailable and when a phone call is not there is a sound.

In case of damage, there is no ringtone we can not listen to music and other activities related to sound.
  • Damaged speakers or buzzer
  • The lines and components
  • Damaged by connecting to the active speaker (short circuit)

To fix the android Xiaomi Mi 6 No Ringer problem Can be done in the following way


For the initial stage, you can check the condition of the speaker or the buzzer found at the bottom of Xiaomi Mi 6, try checking in using a multimeter and see if the measurement has been measured in the speaker component. The buzzer on the phone could be this is the cause of no ringing on the Xiaomi Mi 6


In the diagram image are some supporting components in the sound and ringing section. You can perform checks on the path and components of possible corrosion and rust that damage the part.

If there is a problem it immediately clears the path and components to return to good. And check each voltage value in several components with a multimeter. To repair the damage could make changes to the damaged component.


The final step, do the audio IC changes contained in the diagram image, General of its damage to this Xiaomi Mi 6 IC Audio is caused often by the phone is connected to an active speaker using a cable Jeck 3.5.

Almost the average mobile phone nowadays is not able to connect directly to an active speaker using a cable Jeck 3.5.

So some steps fix Xiaomi Mi 6 No ringing, hopefully, this information can help you to solve the problem on your mobile device Xiaomi Mi 6. Keep visiting the Mobilintec page for information, tips, and other phone damage repair solutions.