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Test Point Xiaomi Note 7 And EDL Mode

Test Point Xiaomi Note 7 EDL Mode
Test Point Xiaomi Note 7 EDL Mode. It could be for someone a mobile repair technician has been common with the name of the Test point. The role of test points is to apply a reinstall on an Android phone in the Xiaomi phone.

Test Point is a way to connect mobile phones and computers so that we can carry out the flashing phone.

By doing Test Point is this computer or laptop can control and implement programming into the Xiaomi Android phone device as well as the preparation of data on the mobile Program system to be re-installed to an IC memory or often also in Call IC EMMC.

Why is it mandatory to Test Point on Xiaomi Phone Android? 

Generally, there is a lot of damage that occurs on an Android phone, especially Xiaomi phones that have a malfunction. Such as Bootloop, Hard brick, or have locked Mi cloud.
Then to Test Point, Xiaomi will work important for completing Damage that occurred to the phone.

Until this opportunity, Mobilintec Team will share information with you entirely about the Xiaomi Note 7 Test Points an EDL mode.

On Xiaomi Note 7 that again damaged Bootlop, Hard brick, or locked Mi cloud, but the trouble to enter the menu download mode even though it has installed EDL drivers, then the guide and tricks to enter the test points Xiaomi Note 7 can you Apply. By using the Test Point of Xiaomi Note 7 is able to overcome the problem.

Below will be a photo diagram of the Xiaomi Note 7 and EDL mode Xiaomi Note 7 which can be tackling the phone's undetected case into the download mode. Below is a photo of the Test Point EDL Mode diagram on Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 :

Test Point Xiaomi Note 7 And EDL Mode
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Such information that can Mobilintec Team to share about the test point of Xiaomi Note 7 EDL mode.