19 Best Android Games Of The Year 2020

19 Best Android games of the year 2020, Tired of the games installed on your Android? It's time for you to play action-type games

19 Best Android games of the year 2020, Tired of the games installed on your Android? It's time for you to play action-type games. The action-type games generally offer a more exciting and thrilling game sensation.

In other words, the missions presented in this genre are much more difficult and challenging. So the player feels challenged to complete each mission.

For those of you who are looking for a record of the best Android action game on this, here Mobilintec Team has gathered 19 options. What is it? Here's the explanation.

1. Mobile Legends
19 best Android Action Games 2020
Not long ago, many gamers talked about a MOBA game that presents between action and RPG. Yes, the game titled Mobile Legends: The game is a decent fit for the best action game.

For those of you who have already had the DotA or LOL at the same time, it can be familiar with the gameplay that is presented in this game. Because this game is a mobile game, it's sure that the player runs the characters with the screen holding method.

The usual kind of MOBA game, where you are required to control your strategy with your teammates. The goal is to destroy the enemy towers and win the game. In essence, the game requires special skills, not pay to win.

2. Injustice: Gods Among Us
19 best Android Action Games 2020
The next best Android action game occupied by Warner Bros is Injustice: Gods Among Us. In this game, you want to feel a plot made with a very nice that matches the type of animated film, is the Justice League.

One of the pretty interesting personalities in this game is the Joker. Where he attempted to destroy Metropolis with the atomic bomb he had designed.

In order to thwart the insane mission, you are obliged to fighting using the DC Comics Superhero boost, such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and many more. Do you have to save humanity from the cruel plan of Joker?

3. Asphalt Xtreme
19 best Android Action Games 2020
It's not a kind of car racing game at the usual, where Asphalt Xtreme has a more wacky and fun racing sensation. The career or adventure system is still the same as the game.

Speaking of gameplay, the game has a very captivating trajectory or track and visual impact. Not only that, the collection of cars offroad that there is also quite a lot, such as Buggy, Rally Car, SUV, Muscle Car, Pickup, Truck, and others. So, this game is worth making in play.

4. Into the Dead
19 best Android Action Games 2020
You listed someone gamers who have big guts? try playing a zombie game titled Into the Dead. Not a kind of game of zombie concept at all, here you guys are really about to feel the thrill of survival from a fierce zombie invasion, can be a kind of the zombie apocalypse.

In this survival game, you are only equipped with weaponry to eradicate zombies around you, a kind of sawing machines, pistols, and so forth. Because their number is quite a lot, you are definitely obliged to get away from the zombie invasion so as not to be a delicious meal.

5. UNKILLED (Offline & Online)
19 best Android Action Games 2020
Having the same game theme as the game, it's just that this UNKILLED game has excellent graphics and visual impact offerings.

Here your role is like an army soldier assigned to secure the city from the invasion of a deadly zombie outbreak. It is quite easy, the reason you are equipped with leading-edge weaponry and a steady companion who protects you throughout the adventure.

6. The Respawnables
19 best Android Action Games 2020
Despite having simple graphics, this Spanish developer-directed game is worth playing. Almost the same as the Shadow gun Deadzone, just a Respawnables in the pack with a casual gameplay dish that's not boring.

Talk about gameplay, here you're not so hard at aiming at your enemies. Why? Definitely, because this best Android action game has been equipped with Auto-Lock feature, where you just centered the shot in the direction of the opponent, and automatically auto-lock is about to lock the shot so it is more easy to shoot.

7. Xenowerk
19 best Android Action Games 2020
Xenowerk is an action-shooter type game that has an angle-of-view or a top-down camera. Yes, this kind of display is very universal for a mobile game, most of the types of RPG games.

The game itself is in a provision with fairly safe touch control for Gamerbeginner. It has 2 virtual buttons which are the shooting and combo buttons, otherwise, on the left side make it centered personality.

The level of distress in this game is that you must be able to avoid the mutants and shoot them remotely. Otherwise, they are about to bully you and suddenly you are about to die in the place.

19 best Android Action Games 2020
Not much different from the formerly series, which in this DEAD TRIGGER 2 you still face off against the fierce zombies around you. Just, in this latest series you want to play in a more fresh groove, supported with a steady visual impact also certainly.

Not only that, but you also want to feel the leading weapons that can not exist in the series yet. Yes, Madfinger seems to be successful in satisfying the desires of the gamers through this game, most of all for those zombie games lovers.

9. War Machines Tanks
19 best Android Action Games 2020
Created by one of the top Developers in Google Play, so you do not want to be disappointed with the gameplay contained in the game titled War Machines Tank.

One of the alibis that make this Android action game so fun and exciting is the time you play in multiplayer fashion. Imagine, how fun it is to fight online with other players in all worlds.

10.300: Seize Your Glory
19 best Android Action Games 2020
300: Seize Your Glory is a type of action-adventure game developed by Warner Bros. The game itself has a background or a story about fighting in the ocean using a battleship.

A kind of movie, the personality that is a hero in this Android action game is Themistokles. On the contrary, the enemy itself was a general from Greece who had a firm determination in presiding over the army, he was the commander of the Women of the Persian army.

Interestingly, the game has a fairly lightweight dimension, which is 40 MB. So that Android users who have little specs still can always feel the fun of fighting in this game.

11. Mission: Berlin
19 best Android Action Games 2020
Having gameplay that's similar to GTA, imagine how much fun you'd play a game titled Mission: Berlin. The personality that you play in this action game is someone who must complete each mission beautifully.

Early in the game, you give the option to make use of the personality that has been presented, among others is a personality that has the skill of lurking from Russia, and another is a great agent from America who has deadly skills.

12. Shadow Fight 2
19 best Android Action Games 2020
Shadow Fight 2 is a fun fighting game that brings the theme of fighting between shadows. Like any kind of game, each personality presented here has the strength or skill style of fighting differently.

Although it is only packed with shadow personality visuals, the game is always fun because it has a very realistic fighting style. More, the moves released by the fighters will certainly amaze you.

13. World 3: Rise of Demon
19 best Android Action Games 2020
The World 3: Rise of Demon is an RPG-type Android action game where you can enjoy it offline aka without an Internet connection. Uniform with RPG type games at the end of the game you are obliged to defeat the bosses that are hard to conquer. If you succeed, you want to proceed to the next session.

14. Angry Fighter Attack
19 best Android Action Games 2020
In different to the above Android action game, where Angry Fighter Attack presents a great urban setting for you to explore. Moreover, this game is also equipped with a charming interface, ranging from visual impact, sound, and others.
Match the title of the game, where you want to function like a person who eradicates the criminals but by the method of violence.

15. G. I. Joe: Strike
19 best Android Action Games 2020
In the game G. I. Joe: Strike, you're functioning like Snake Eyes, who has excellent martial arts skills. Well, then you are tasked with completing a secret mission, but you must subvert the enemies throughout the game.

Cool again, you can upgrade more than 100 + skills you have. With the sense, it continues to be the big level you are playing, it continues to be the hard enemy experienced. Make it upgrade fighting skills so the best solution for solving can end this game.

16. Soulcraft 2 (Offline & Online)
19 best Android Action Games 2020

Sort of like the series Soulcraft, where the player still feels the contention between Angel creatures and demon. In this sequel, the developer enhances the multiplayer fashion. So far you can challenge other players in asynchronous multiplayer battles, such as Clash of Clans.

Create a single-campaign fashion, you still want to continue the storyline of this prequel, is to stop the demon.

17. Final Fantasy Awakening
19 best Android Action Games 2020
Final Fantasy Awakening is a 3D Mobile MMORPG that is very well-awaited by gamers in the year 2017 ago. Because this game is the formal licensee of the series of Final Fantasy games, surely the developers do not want to disappoint gamers.

Just observe, this Final Fantasy Awakening comes with a fantastic storyline. Here, you want to function like Class-zero, which is tasked with protecting the Rubrum Empire. Some option options in the game are about to ensure the story path.

18. Stickman
19 best Android Action Games 2020
Matches the title of the game, here you are functioning like a Stickman personality assigned to destroy anything that is around you, a kind of zombies for example. gameplay game action android this one is pretty fun. Just a Hero has given not much so that players want to get bored with that skill that's all.

19. Zombie Anarchy
19 best Android Action Games 2020
Undeniably, Gameloft is one of the developers of the best mobile game makers all in. The reason is that almost all the games that he made have a very good quality of all aspects, ranging from graphics, visuals, and others.

A kind of Zombie anarchy, the player will feel the excitement in the whereas where must run and eradicate the zombies who have looted the urban. Essentially, in this game, you must survive as good as possible, from building energy sources, saving people, creating strategies for defeating zombies, and other fun.

Such a row of the best action games collected from some sources and described through this article. If you have a suggestion of the best Android action game that attracts others, do not hesitate to share it through the opinion column Okey



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Mobilintec.Net: 19 Best Android Games Of The Year 2020
19 Best Android Games Of The Year 2020
19 Best Android games of the year 2020, Tired of the games installed on your Android? It's time for you to play action-type games
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