Fix Damage Speaker Phone Lenovo A2020a40 Vibe C

Revisit with Mobilintec Team, in the following article we will discuss the damage to the speaker phone Android Lenovo A2020a40 Vibe C, this damage is often in nature by Lenovo phones This type of Vibe C.

Symptoms that occur because of the speakerphone damage is, the sound sometimes appears but the cage disappears altogether, this is certainly very annoying and will impede our activities when using a Lenovo phone A2020a40 Vibe C because the sound Not appears from speaker phone, then call activities, watching videos, listening to music or playing games will be constrained due to the absence of sound produced by the speakerphone.

Lenovo Android Phone speaker damage cause A2020a40 Vibe C among others

  • Speaker phone that has suffered damage
  • The line on a flexible cable or PCB board
  • Damaged internal components

For analysis and damage repair solutions Android speaker phone Lenovo A2020a40 Vibe C can be done with several stages, here are the steps:

1. Check the speakerphone condition or the speaker buzzer
For the first step, you can check the speaker phone part on the Lenovo A2020a40 Vibe C Phone, try checking the speakerphone on the device's buzzer using a multimeter tool if the measurement results do not show the value The speakerphone has damage. Then you can make changes with the new part of Speaker phone.

2. Check the track on flexible and PCB board
By a layout phone speakers on the phone Lenovo A2020a40 Vibe C is at the bottom of the phone section and connected using a Flexible cable, often the main cause of damage there is no sound on the Lenovo phone speaker A2020a40 Vibe C is Occurs damaged or a loose connecting socket, you can perform the inspection and also apply the speaker way jumper when there is damage to the flexible cable lines and also on the board of PCB lines.

3. Change components and apply speaker phone way jumper
Fix damage speaker phone Lenovo A2020a40 Vibe C
Last step you can see in the diagram picture shown, where you can analyze and perform the examination on the marked component, try to do measurements on the component with the Multimeter if there is damage immediately Replace components, but if not found replacement parts, you can do the line jumper only, so that the problem of damaged speaker phone Lenovo A2020a40 Vibe C not work can be resolved immediately.

So some ways to increase the problem of damage speaker phone Lenovo A2020a40 Vibe C not work, hopefully with the information and this tutorial can be useful for those of you who are experiencing the same damage on your phone Lenovo Vibe C. Thanks.