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Step Fix Ear Speaker Oppo A37F Not Work

This post-Mobilintec Team will provide information about the problem on the Oppo A37F earpiece or ear speaker not work. Hopefully, this repair solution can improve the problem that is happening in Your Oppo A37F mobile device.

Maybe for those of you who have often made repairs to the phone with earpiece problems or ear speaker not working on a phone. It will be easy to solve, but it can happen to other things that can cause damage.

For some basic steps in the failure of the Oppo A37F earpiece damage. You can check by measuring the condition of the Oppo A37F phone earpiece using a multimeter tool.

If it is encountered that the condition of the ear speaker or earpiece is not functioning properly, it can be used with a new part. Also, do inspections on the bearing terminals on the ear speaker. Make sure the terminal condition is really well connected to the earpiece speaker on Oppo A37F.

Some types of ear speaker damage or earpieces on Android phones:

  • No found sound on the ear speaker
  • The sound output produced by the ear speaker is very low.
  • The sound becomes distorted to the Speaker buzzer (Speaker ringtone).


Step Fix Ear Speaker Oppo A37F Not Work
When the terminal examination step and the ear speaker are already done and all conditions are in good condition. Then you can do a check on the diode listed in the diagram image that has been given.
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Apply the line jumper if there is line damage on the PCB board in the components section listed in the diagram image, to check the disconnected path that can be done using the Multimeter tool as well.

In case of damage to the resistor components contained in the image, try to change them with the same value.

So that the condition and voltage that flow will return to normal so that the ear speaker Oppo A37F That does not work can return to normal.

As an additional note, it is better to do a basic exam first, such as replacing the ear speaker only, it may be due to the damage of the earpiece on the Oppo A37F phone only.

Such information and solutions to fix ear speaker Oppo A37F that does not work. Hopefully, this information can be useful to you all, thank you.