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Fix Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime Fake Charging

Fix Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime charging problem or fake charger - The problem of damage like this is common in every Android phone and also mobile phones with other operating systems.
On this occasion, Mobilintec Team will discuss damage to the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime problem with charge.

Symptoms that occur on a phone that has problems with charging:

  • Charging is sometimes logged in but may not be able to side it at all.
  • Phone cannot be turned on after a long period of charging
  • The phone battery is not full and has been charging
From the symptoms mentioned above is certainly damage charging problem is very annoying when it occurs on the phone that you have, especially when the phone you have using a non-removable battery. Surely you will have significant difficulties.

How how to Solve and fix Samsung Galaxy J2 prime charging problem or fake charging, below will be described steps:


If the damage condition on the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime can not be charging, and no battery image is being a charge on the LCD display. Try to do the battery first, this could be the cause of no charging damage to the phone.


Fix Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime Fake Charging
A different solution in the case of a Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime, which you cannot perform charge. You can see in the diagram image shown, try to check the condition of the charger port and charging way.

And also check the condition of the path on the PCB board using multimeter Tools. If in the encounter of damaged lines in leave rust and corrosion, then it can be done way jumper to return the condition of the path to normal.
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Fix Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime Fake Charging Or No Charging
This way can be done when the Samsung Galaxy J2 phone has a fake charge. The fake charging condition causes the phone battery can not be fully charged even if you do charging in the phone condition is turned off.

You can remove the capacitor components that are seen in the diagram image the problem of fake charger Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime can be solved.

So the information and tutorials repair the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime charge problem or fake charging. Hopefully in this way can solve the problem of damage on Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime phones, Thanks.