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How To Fix Xiaomi Redmi 5A Headset Logo Mode

Damage phone Xiaomi Redmi 5A headset logo, some phone damage that led to the appearance of the headset logo on Xiaomi phones can be caused by many factors.

Then on this Mobilintec Team will discuss the problem Xiaomi Redmi 5A headphone logo mode.
Damage like this will surely be very annoying because will eliminate all the sound that is generated from the speaker buzzer and also earpiece speaker.

Why can it appear to be the headset logo?

This is often the case and complained about the users of Xiaomi phones. But does not cover the possibility of other brands on his phone can be exposed to this problem.

Often it plugs the phone into an active speaker using a cable Jack 3.5 this causes the occurrence of Destruction of the logo mode headset.

Because if there is damage to the headset logo on Xiaomi phones, then all sounds will not be active on mobile devices, surely this will make us bother when using the phone.

For a safe step is actually you can play music to an external speaker, with a Bluetooth connection.

This way more secure, than we directly connect the Xiaomi Redmi 5A phone to the active speaker using a Jeck 3.5 cable.

Here are a few steps to repair the damage Xiaomi Redmi 5A headset mode logo


You can do cleaning the jack of the headset by using a cotton bud and alcohol liquid. Do the cleaning slowly so that the condition of the headset is back to normal.
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How To Fix Xiaomi Redmi 5A Headset Logo Mode
For the role in this way, you have to Unassemble the Xiaomi Redmi 5a mobile phone.

In order to analyze the damage to each component, in the diagram, a damaged diode component is seen, causing the emergence of the Headset Mode logo on the phone Xiaomi Redmi 5a.

You can remove the diode component so that the headset logo damage is resolved immediately.

Thus the information on how to fix the phone Xiaomi Redmi 5A Headphone logo mode. Because it is the damage this type is often happening on Xiaomi mobile devices.

Hopefully, this tutorial can be useful for all of you, thanks.