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Repair Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime Touchscreen Ghost Touch

Repair Touchscreen Ghost Touch Problem
Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime touchscreen problem or ghost touch - On the following article post-Mobilintec Team, will share information about the damage that occurs on the touchscreen Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime.

For cases of problems like this could cause the following symptoms:

  • The touchscreen will be difficult in touch in some parts
  • In the back and recent buttons are not at all touch
  • Occurs ghost touch on Touchscreen
  • The touchscreen is not at all working

What are the causes of damage to the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime Touchscreen? 

Usually, the damage that can be caused by the phone is exposed to water or other liquids. Causing corrosion and rust on the touchscreen flexible cable socket. Or occur broke or cracked on the screen so that some sections become difficult to touch and can also cause ghost touch on the touchscreen.
And other possibilities due to the IC component on the touch screen is already experiencing damage.

To fix Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime touchscreen problem or ghost touch, here are the steps:


For this way can be Do if the phone Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime G532F you experience ghost touch or in a certain part is difficult to touch. You can download a Partial Screen Apps in Google Playstore or another website that provides a Partial Screen application.

Install applications such as the general and the way the application to shorten the condition of the touchscreen encountered an error.


Repair Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime Touchscreen Problem Or Ghost Touch
This socket cleanup is applicable when the phone Samsung J2 Prime G532M/DS is exposed to water or other liquids. Making the touchscreen an error or difficult to touch in certain parts such as back or recent buttons.
Repair step you have to do the disassembly of the phone, then check on the touchscreen socket whether it is corrosion or rust.
If you come across it, immediately wipe it with a brush and give it a bit of alcohol fluid to make the socket condition back clean and normal.


If after calibrating and cleaning the socket but the touchscreen condition Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime has not returned to normal. Then the best step could be to change the new touchscreen part.

For the change of the part please done carefully to avoid breaking the occurrence of the LCD display. You can give steam with a blower to facilitate the separating between the LCD display and also touchscreen.
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And before you install the new touchscreen part on a Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime G532F Phone. Please note and check if there are any physical defects in the new touchscreen part, as physical defects can cause damage to be unresolved.

So information and tutorial on how to repair the Samsung J2 Prime G532G touchscreen problem or ghost touch.

Hopefully with this information can be useful for those of you who are experiencing the same damage on Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime phones, Thanks.