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Repair Solution Android Vivo Y52 Charging Problem

Repair solution Android Vivo Y52 charging problem - Some charging problems such as slow charging or handphone can not be done charging.

Mobilintec Team will discuss the problem on Vivo Y52 phones that do not respond after being connected to charging.

So that the power on the battery can not be filled, certainly such constraints will cause the phone can not be used, because there is no power to enter and stored on the phone battery.

Mobile Solutions Vivo Y52 Charging problem:

The following will be given some steps to repair the Vivo Y52 charging problem. You can expand the diagram picture that has been given for guidance in the damage check no charging Vivio y52.

1. Try measuring with the multimeter tool on the battery connector pin, making sure there is a voltage of about 5 to 5.5 volts DC on the batteries connector. When in normal voltage after the measurement is most likely damage to the Android phone battery Vivo Y52.

2. Do a check on the fuse found on the board, the problem no charging on Android phones can be caused damage to the fuse. The repairing step can make changes to the fuse that is damaged. Inspection can also include the components of the capacitor, coil, fuse.
Repair Solution Android Vivo Y52 Charging Problem
3. In case of excessive heat in IC charging, it is likely that the charging IC has suffered damage or shorting, causing the voltage can not enter the battery, the way of repair, you can do a replacement IC the charging with New Part IC

Some things that can cause the damage of the Vivo y52 charging problem (excluding the damage to internal components of the phone)

Before conducting a check on the internal component of the Vivo Y52 phone that has indications of problems with charging, you can do the check with simple steps as follows:

  • Use the correct charger with a power capacity of about 2 ampere
  • Let your mobile device charge in a slightly longer time
  • Repair or replace the USB port
  • Change the charging cable
  • Clean the USB charging port
  • Check the battery condition
As an additional record, to perform analysis and repairs on the internal components of Vivo Y52 phones that suffer from no charging damage, you should do so carefully to avoid the risk of increasing damage, because it can harm yourself.

Thus how to repair Vivo phones Y52 problem charging. Hopefully with this tutorial can solve the problem of no charging damage to Vivo phones you have, thank you.