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Repair Solution Mic OPPO A37 Not Work

In this article Mobilintec Team will provide information about repair solution microphone OPPO A37 not work.
To fix microphone damage in OPPO A37, you need to unassemble the Oppo phone.

Some conditions and mic signs on the phone are experiencing damage: 

  • When making a phone call, our voice will sound low 
  • Unable to perform sound recordings or video recordings

Some steps can be done to solve the problem of Mic OPPO A37 Not Working, among others are as follows:

1. Do a check on the PCB line 

Try to do a condition check on the PCB line, if there are corrosion and rust that caused the disconnected path. Do cleaning on components that have corrosive use of rock brushes and alcohol fluids.
It can also apply the line jumper when encountered on the line on the board that is damaged or broken.

2. Replace the mic on your Oppo A37

Repair Solution Mic OPPO A37 Not Work
If the inspection on the track in the PCB is not found damage, try to mic switching on the Oppo A37 phone.
Using the new mic or you can also do a jumper using a microphone that has 2-foot pins. 

Mic switching using pin 4 to the use of the mic with pin 2 should be assisted with additional resistance components.
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3. Check and replace damaged parts
Repair Solution Mic OPPO A37 Not Work
In the diagram image indicated, the mic way has been described in Oppo A37, you can check the socket and resistor component, Whether the component condition and socket are well connected, If after measuring and The condition of the resistor component is damaged, try to change components or can also do jumper.

Such a repair solution mic Oppo A37 not work. Hopefully, this information can be useful for all of you, Thanks