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Solution Repair Samsung Galaxy J2 No Signal Network

Solution Repair Samsung Galaxy J2 no signal network. If you are experiencing weak signal problems on the Samsung phone this is a very bad problem.
In the issue of Samsung Galaxy J2 no signal, you certainly have trouble making phone calls, sending SMS messages, and also connecting to the Internet.

Some causes of a cell phone no signal among others:

  • A phone that falls hard.
  • The phone enters the water.
  • Damage to the Android operating system.

To solve the problem of damage Samsung Galaxy J2 No signal, in this opportunity Mobilintec Team will provide some of the best solutions to overcome the problem


One of the causes of a cell phone no signal can be sourced from the Simcard operator provider that you use.
It is possible that the chips can be found in the Simcard is damaged so that the signal becomes weak or no signal Sams once, His solution tries to change the Simcard and try to reconsider whether the signal on the phone Samsung Galaxy J2 is back to normal.


How to fix cell phone no signal is weak on Android Samsung Galaxy J2? You can reinstall the Android operating system on the Samsung Galaxy J2 phone.
The possibility of system corruption can trigger no network on the phone. For how to re-install on a Samsung Galaxy J2 phone you can search by using the Google keyword engine "flash Samsung Galaxy J2"


The phone has no signal bar that is very weak can also occur due to the path or internal components on the phone Samsung Galaxy J2 to multiply the damage.

For its repair step has been given a diagram drawing that can be a guide to be able to solve the problem. To perform a check on the internal components, you must do the disassembly of the Samsung Galaxy J2 phone.

So that the inspection can be done optimally, If you encounter a damaged path, you can do a line jumper for the condition to return to normal. The path of the disconnected component can affect and cause no signal bars on the phone.


How to repair cell Phone no network on Samsung Galaxy J2? You can check the component listed in the diagram image. Check each component by using Multimeter, If you find the damaged component, replace it with new components that are of the same value. But hen after switching Components and the results remain no signal on the phone.

Then you must do the IC PA signal. IC PA is very important to the catcher and emits a signal on Samsung Galaxy J2 mobile phone.Solution Repair Samsung Galaxy J2 No Signal Network
But how good it is before making a change to the internal components of the phone. Better analysis of the simple improvements that were done, such as doing a hard reset or reinstall Firmware.
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So information and solutions repair Samsung Galaxy J2 No network, no bar signal or weak signal. Hopefully with this tutorial can be useful for you, Thanks.