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Way Jumper Solution Power Button Oppo F1s Not Work

Way jumper solution power button Oppo F1s not work, damage to the button power on a phone often happens. This is sure to be able to pass us on when you want to turn on a phone.

Then on through the writing of this article Mobilintec Team will discuss the problem of damage to the button on/off Oppo f1s that can not function normally.

Some of the damage to power button mobile phones Android among others are:

  • The phone will be hard switched On
  • Must press the hard power button to be able to turn on the phone
  • The phone will have a restart continues to decrease

Why can there be damage to the on/off key in an Android phone, especially on Android Oppo F1s? 

The cause of damage to the power button can be caused by many factors.
Such as exposure to water so that there is corrosion on the power button.

The flexible cable key power button damaged or broke way on the PCB board thus causing the power key to Become malfunctioning.

To fix button power Oppo F1s that are not functioning, Mobilintec Team will give you some steps to repair that you can try.

repair power Botton key Oppo F1s not work
The first step that you can do is to clean the button on/off on the Oppo F1s. With the event of dismantling the phone, then try to start cleaning the power button by providing alcohol fluid.

Way Jumper Solution Power Button Oppo F1s Not Work
For the second step, you can perform the power button line jumper in advance on the flexible of buttons in case of damage or a tear inflexible, but if after doing the line jumper still does not get the expected result, then immediately Make changes to the flexible power button on Oppo F1s.

Way Jumper Solution Power Button Oppo F1s Not Work
If after doing the upgrading and also switching on the flexible power key oppo F1s but have not received the best results in this problem.

Then you can get the inspection of the track on the board, the possibility of breaking the path that caused No functioning on/off button key on the phone, in the diagram shown how to way jumper the Power key line on the phone, you can do the same thing to get the best result.
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Thus step Way jumper solution power Button Oppo F1s not work. By the way, the jumper path is disconnected, then the problem can be resolved.

Hopefully with this information can be useful for those of you who are experiencing the same problems on your Android phone Oppo F1s. Thanks.