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Cause Of Damage Insert SIM Card And Steps To Repair

Some causes of damage insert Simcard on the phone and its repair. A mobile phone will not be detached from the name of the Simcard. Where Simcard is an intermediary to connect us to others by using the mobile network.

Before we discuss the issue of the insert Simcard damage on a phone, how good to know what is SIM CARD

This smart card is made in the form of an Integrated Circuit (IC) which puts information for customers of GSM mobile phone (SIM Card) as well as CDMA (R-UIM Card), the information includes proof of user self, position as well as telephone number, network authorization information, Individual security keys, contact records and stored readings. This smart card is Removable, yes, it can be moved from one mobile phone to the other as long as the phone is unlocked on one particular mobile operator.

With the official SIM Card issued by the telecommunications service provider, the authenticated user is created in the provider network starting from the very basic is to find the signal from the nearest BTS until it can connect to the network Internet.

SIM Card – ICCID and IMSI ICCID SIM Card (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier)

Cause Of Damage Insert SIM Card And Steps To Repair

In a SIM Card, not only is the magnetic material also there are 2 logical components that act as proof of user self in the core network of service providers. Both components are:

ICCD: Integrated Circuit Card IdentifierIMSI: International Mobile Subscriber Identity
ICCD is the manufacturing registration number of the SIM Card. It can be seen behind the SIM Card, there are 19 digits not printed there. This ICCD number is embedded into a SIM card to coincide with the IMSI number but the behavior of the IMSI number can be seen because of a security alibi. Both numbers are used as primary keys for recognizing users on GSM and CDMA mobile carrier networks.

IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) is a unique identifier of the customer of the mobile operator that is placed in the form of a 64bit field in the SIM Card where it is delivered by HP to the mobile network. IMSI is also used for details of other information such as HLR and VLR. A kind of no hp that can not be tied duplicate, meaning that every single SIM Card is a unique IMSI number.

We know what Simcard on a phone, then we come back to the main topic of our discussion on the cause of damage insert a sim card on the phone.
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Many factors that can cause the SIM card are not connected well on the phone, but in the end, we think the damage is caused by the condition of the dirty Simcard.

For a more complete explanation of what causes the damaged insert Simcard can be seen below:

  • Damage to the operating system on a mobile phone, it may result in an unreadable SIM Card on the mobile device.
  • Damage to the IC chips contained in a SIM Card
  • The SIM Card connectors on the damaged phone, this connector is a connecting device between the phone and the SIM Card.
  • Damage to the internal components of a phone, such as a diode, transistor, resistor, and also capacitor
  • IC Power that suffered damage
  • CPU damage
  • Disconnect the line on the PCB board on your phone or SIM Card

To perform the fixed damage insert SIM Card on a mobile phone, then we must need some material as follows:

  • SIM Card with good condition and new
  • Tissue
  • Alcohol fluid
  • Download Software Tornado, Griffin, JAF, Sp Tools, MI Flash, UFI Box, and other supporting Software
After the material needed to repair the insert damage SIM Card is already equipped, the next stage we will do some improvement steps.
Cause Of Damage Insert SIM Card And Steps To Repair


  • Provide a new SIM Card with good conditions
  • Turn off your phone or smartphone
  • Remove the battery on your phone or smartphone
  • Remove the Simcard from the slot on the phone
  • Try to install the new SIM Card into the slot 
  • Reinstall the battery and turn on the phone or smartphone
  • Observe whether the Simcard reads on the phone, and also note whether the signal can appear
If the sim card remains an unreadable possibility of damage contained on the phone or smartphone.


  • Turn off your phone or smartphone
  • Remove the battery on your phone or smartphone
  • Remove the Simcard from the slot on the phone
  • Clean the Simcard connectors that are on the phone with tissue and a little alcohol fluid
  • Also cleaning the SIM Card by using tissue
  • Reattach the sim card to the slot and reinstall the phone battery Phone or smartphone, and observe whether the SIM card can be detected and whether the signal can appear.
If the Simcard remains undetected, it can be damage the operating system of the mobile device.


  • Provide the necessary materials in the form of software to re-install
  • Turn off your phone or smartphone
  • Use software to do flashing in case of damage to the operating system on the phone and also smartphone
  • Software that can be used includes Tornado, Griffin, JAF, UFI Box, SP Tools, MI Flash, and other types of software
  • Reinstall the instructions as instructed to finish
After you finish re-install your phone or smartphone and again observe whether the card is detected on your phone when the card and signal remain undesirable or appear. 
It may be possible for damage to internal components such as IC, diode, transistors, and other components.

Then the best step you have is to bring the phone to the service so that the damaged insert Simcard condition can be resolved immediately.