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Fake Charging Asus Zenfone GO X00AD Jumper Solution

Fake charging Asus Zenfone GO x00ad jumper solution - Damage to the problem of fake charging or no charging on an Android phone often happens.

Certainly very annoying if the damage occurs on your own phone, especially on the Asus Zenfone GO X00AD smartphone.

Then in this opportunity, Mobilintec Team will discuss the damage fake charging Asus Zenfone GO X00AD

But before that, we will try to identify and analyze what are the causes of a fake charger on the ASUS Zenfone GO phone.
  • Damage to the Charger port.
  • Damage to the phone battery.
  • Cables and chargers have begun to malfunction.
After trying to know and understand the possibility of anything that could cause damage to fake charging or no charging, let's try to analyze it.


As a first step, you can make changes to the cable charger, poor quality of the cable can cause damage to occur.
After making changes to the charger cable try to observe if the Asus Zenfone GO X00AD phone can do good charging.

Usually, a filling that goes well in the mark with the rising percentage on the battery icon on the LCD display of the ASUS mobile phone.


The solution to fix fake Charing or no charging on your ASUS Zenfone GO X00AD phone can be by making a battery change.

Possible battery condition in the phone has suffered damage so it can not save the voltage at charging.


No charging or fake charging cases on ASUS Zenfone go phones can also be caused by the damaged USB charging port.

Do a check on the USB port line, in case of damage try to heat the way jumper, so that the condition returns to normal.

Because there is a path that is not connected properly then the voltage that enters becomes not as low.
A change of USB charger port can also be done to repair fake charging damage.


In the given diagram picture, this way can solve the problem of fake charging on the ASUS Zenfone GO X00AD phone.
Fake Charging Asus Zenfone GO X00AD Jumper Solution

Where in case of damage, after carrying out measurements with tools multimeter, the voltage on the pin of the battery connectors is only 2.8 volts DC.

The phone battery cannot be fully charged even though we are charging for a long time.

By using the trick way jumper and plus the diode components can increase the voltage 2.8 volts to 4 volt DC.

So that the phone can return to normal when it is charging and the problem of fake charging can be solved.

That's some way to repair the damage of the Asus Zenfone GO phone that has been damaged by fake charging.

Hopefully with this information and tutorial can use for all of you who are experiencing similar damage on your ASUS phone.

Additional note: How to trick jumper with this diode can also be done on other Android phone brands experiencing the same damage case.