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How To Fix The Damaged Touchscreen Phone Exposed To Water

How to fix the damaged touchscreen phone exposed to water - An issue that often occurs in the breakdown of a smartphone phone is an error or malfunction of the touchscreen. It will certainly bother you when you want to use your phone to call or do other activities.

The touchscreen because is the input media of the touch process and will be sent to the driver panel to the CPU and will change to the data of the Touch command earlier. Then the result of the menu on a phone will open as per command.

For the case of touchscreen damage to the phone that can not be touched or error due to exposed water or other fluids. His usual fluid has been entered into the sidelines of the mobile phone and wetting some parts of the phone's internal components.

On this occasion, Mobilintec Team will provide a way to solve the problem of touchscreen phone problems caused by water. However, Mobilintec Team used the example using the phone Xiaomi Redmi 4A.

But this way can be applied to other smartphone brands such as Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Vivo, Oppo, iPhone that have problems with damaged touchscreen exposed to water.

The steps that can be done to fix damaged touchscreen phone damage exposed to water are as follows:


Repair Touchscreen Xiaomi Redmi 4A
The first way you can do the dismantle on your smartphone as a whole. For water or liquid to get into the phone can be cleaned immediately.

You can complete some tools and materials to do the cleaning on your phone.
Materials that you can prepare among others:
  • Screwdriver according to phone type
  • Used Brush or toothbrush
  • Tissue
  • Liquid alcohol or eucalyptus oil


After you do the dismantle on the smartphone phone as a whole. The next step is to check if enough fluids or water are present on the Motherboard phone. And immediately release your phone's battery if your phone is on a non-removable battery.
Damaged Touchscreen Phone Exposed To Water
This is to minimize the occurrence of shorting the phone's internal components.

Drain the liquid or water by using a tissue, then you can dry the motherboard of the phone, and some other parts of the phone such as phone frames in the sunlight for approximately 15 minutes to 20 minutes.

When you are done again observe and check if there are some components and pathways that become damaged or corrosion. Usually, the corrosion of the part will be as white as the fungi.
Cleaning Motherboard phone
If you find it immediately wipe it by using a brush and also add alcohol fluid or eucalyptus oil.

For the corrosion of the parts to be solved, do the cleaning evenly to get the maximum result.

The next step is to dry the phone's PCB board back to a maximum in sunlight.


The next step tries to do a check on the socket and the flexible touch screen mobile phone. Resolder it to the touchscreen socket on the phone's motherboard to make the condition reconnect perfectly.
Clean Touchscreen Flexible Cable
And do also cleanup on your touchscreen flexible if it is dirty, and do the line jumper if the touchscreen cable is experiencing a line break.


After the cleaning and repair process on the motherboard, touchscreen socket, and also Flexibel cable.

Then the next step is to reassemble all parts of the mobile phone as a whole. And do a test on the touchscreen screen whether it can be normal.

And also check some parts touchscreen can be touched. Like, do the testing by typing the keyboard on the phone.

If all functions are running well then return the phone back to its original position. But if the touchscreen condition is still problematic, damaged or error can be sure that the damage is present on the touchscreen screen and also the touchscreen IC.
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For the final step if the condition of the touchscreen remains problematic can not be touched, damaged, and error.
Replace New Touchscreen
Then his best move should replace the touchscreen as a whole. You can check what is the price of a touchscreen part of the phone in the online store according to the type of smartphone you have.

You can also replace your own touchscreen to save money. But if you have trouble in the process of doing touchscreen switching, you can take it to the mobile phone service near where you live.

So the information and how to fix the touchscreen phone that can not be touched, damaged, or error. This damage can be seasonality on all types of Android phones or iPhones. Hopefully, it can be useful for all of you. Thanks.