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Repair Home button Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro j330f

A Samsung mobile device is characterized by the presence of a home button key on any product that is produced. Useful of the home button for Samsung phone is very much.

Some features of the Samsung Galaxy can be run by pressing the home button and combined with other buttons.

On the current discussion, we will try to review the damage that happened to the home button Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro j330f.

Of course, this damage will result in some features on the phone Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro can not Running normally.

Generally, use the Home button key in use to take screenshots on the phone screen.

But quite a lot of other functions of the home key on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone, among others, as follows:
  • Can function to enter the recovery mode menu if we want to do a hard reset phone.
  • To go into the download mode Odin, with the function home button then we can go into the download mode when we want reinstalls the phone.
  • Like the back button, when we likely do multitasks on some applications on Samsung phones.
  • Functions as a recent app button, so we can see which applications are still in an active state.
  • The home button can also serve to activate Google Now.
Once we know about the function that can be done by the Home button key on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Then it is time we to do the analysis and also the repair steps that occur on the phone Samsung J3 Pro j330f its home button malfunction or malfunction.

To repair the Step home button for Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro can be done with several steps below:


To make his repairs, then you should do a disassembly on the Samsung J3 Pro Phone. And check the button contained on the board, do the examination, and also the cleaning steps. In general, it often has dirt like dust that stuck On the inside of the Home key.

Cleaning can be done by providing alcohol fluid and using a tissue or brush so that the dust can disappear and the condition of the home button becomes normal again.


Repair Home button Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro j330f
In the diagram image listed, check the components and paths that are connected to the home key of the Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro Phone.

Then you can perform the inspection of the lines and components listed.

If there is a damaged and broken path, then do away jumper to make the condition return well, and if there are also components that are damaged then you should be able to replace them with a new component with the same value.

Do all checks on the path and components with the help of the tool multimeter, in order to be aware of the cause of damage to the home button.

So some steps that can be done to do a home button repair on Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro j330f. Hopefully with this information can benefit all of you. Thanks.