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How To Repair The Damage Oppo A3S No Display Light

Repair solution the damage Oppo A3S no display light - For you users of Oppo A3S smartphone phones. And currently experiencing problems or damage to the LCD no display so as not to be able to generate light and image. It will be very troublesome when you will use the Oppo A3S phone.

So on this occasion, through the writing of this post-Mobilintec Team will discuss and provide repair solutions from the phone damage Oppo A3S No display light or no backlight.

Actually for an easy way that can be done to solve the damage on the Android smartphone Oppo A3S no display light. You can make direct changes to the LCD part of the Oppo phone.
But it is different if no display damage or no backlight comes from the LCD part of the Oppo A3S phone. Then you must conduct a thorough examination. Such as checking the internal components on the phone.

Identify no display light or no backlight damage on mobile devices:

  • The absence of light or image produced by the LCD.
  • The lighting generated by the LCD dimmed and not adapted.
  • There is no light and image on the LCD but you can still hear the phone call tone and notification tone of incoming messages.
After understanding some of the symptoms of no display light damage on Oppo A3S phones. Then the next step you can do a check on the phone's internal components. But it is recommended to do the overall disassembly on the part of the phone so that you can perform checks freely.

For the no display malfunction or no backlight step on Oppo A3S can follow these steps:

No damage to the image or display light on the phone may also be caused by a twitch socket. Or the corrosion of the socket PIN. Then you should do a check on the LCD socket whether saggy or corrosion.

If water and moist air are corrosion, cleaning is required with the help of the brush and also alcohol fluid.
The above is to re-solder the pin on each of the connectors of the LCD socket if it is corrosive on the track.
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In the diagram picture that Mobilitec Team gives, it can be a guide for you in conducting damage no display Light Oppo A3S. 
How To Repair The Damage Oppo A3S No Display Light
Perform measurements on each component that has been shown in the diagram image. If the component is damaged it is recommended to change with new components with the same value.

Damage to the path found on the Oppo A3S motherboard can occur when the phone is damaged by water. It is normal to appear rust that causes corrosion on the lines on the board.
How To Repair The Damage Oppo A3S No Display Light
So with the help of the diagram image that has been given, you can hit the line jumper if there is any damage or disconnected path on the motherboard of the Oppo A3S smartphone.

These are some of the improvements that can be made to improve the no display or no backlight damage on your Oppo A3S smartphone. Hopefully with the information and this tutorial can help you solve the problem.

For this type of damage and repair steps on a phone must be different. But you can still try some improvement methods to get the best results. Thanks.