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Repair Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime G570M Microphone Not Work

Hi, revisit the Mobilintec Team together, this time we will discuss the problem of damage to the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime G570M with microphone constraints not working.

Maybe some of you have the same problem condition on Samsung Galaxy phone. Where the microphone can not work properly makes it difficult when making a phone call.

The microphone on the Android phone Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime G570M paired together with a PCB motherboard. The microphone itself acts as a sound input medium when you use your phone to call or voice and video. Obviously, if the microphone function is not functioning properly it will be difficult for you to run the activity using the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime G570M smartphone.

Problems that often occur in the phone microphone:

  • The microphone doesn't work at all.
  • Small or no sound results if you do a sound recording.
  • Your voice is not heard by the person at the time of a phone call.

Solution and how to repair that can be done for mic damaged Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime G570M


The initial solution to overcome a malfunctioning mic. You can use a cabled headset or a Bluetooth headset if you want to make a telephone call or voice and video calls. It's a little troublesome but it can still be done for the anticipating steps.


In the next step, you can try to do a hard reset on the Android Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime G570M. The microphone should cause interference with the phone software. But before doing a hard reset, it is advisable to backup the important data that belongs to your Samsung phone. To step Hard reset phone can be checked here.


If by doing Hard reset has not given the best results for the mic problem that does not work. Then it is recommended that you check the microphone component on the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime G570M phone.
Repair Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime G570M Microphone Not Work
Do dismantle on the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime G570M Phone and immediately check the mic component. In the diagram picture has Mobilintec Team has given, you can observe the path indicated. Perform measurements with multimeter tools. If the path condition is disconnected immediately do the line jumper. Damage to the pathway can be caused by water or moist air to appear corrosion and rust.

But if the microphone path condition is fine, then you should immediately replace the mic component with the new part. You can buy it in the store of mobile phone spare parts or through the online store. Or you can also do the mic line jumper by using a 2-pin microphone with additional resistor components. For the way the application you can see here.
Replace microphone samsung galaxy j5 prime with 2 pin mic
Thus the information and how to repair microphone malfunction that does not work on the Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime G570M. Hopefully, this tutorial can be useful for all of you. Thanks.