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Xiaomi Redmi 4A No Display Light Problem Jumper Solution

Hello revisit with Mobilintec Team, this time we will discuss the damage that occurs on smartphone phones Xiaomi Remi 4A. The damage in question is no display light on the phone Xiaomi Redmi 4A.

But if you look in detail on the LCD screen there are still images but no light appears at all. So it makes it difficult to run the function on the Xiaomi phone.

The cause of the damage no display light or no backlight on Android phones Xiaomi Redmi 4A among others:

  • Phone dropping very strongly.
  • The phone is exposed to water or waterlogged.
  • Damage to the LCD.
If the problem no display light occurs in leave by damaged LCD, you can immediately replace the damaged LCD with a new part.

But it is different if the LCD is not broken or broken but the screen does not produce light but the image persists. It is necessary to be checked in detail on the internal components of the phone Xiaomi Redmi 4A.

Especially if the phone is a victim of exposed water or water-flooded, it is normal to cause some internal components to become damaged. And do not close the possibility of some lines on the phone motherboards become rusty, corrosion and become disconnected.

Then on this occasion, Mobilitec Team will provide some solution damage repair no display light or no backlight by applying the trick jumper solution.

For the repair step can be seen below:

1. Check all components in the driver area light Xiaomi Redmi 4A

Xiaomi Redmi 4A No display light problem jumper solution
You can check the light driver area, take measurements with a multimeter. If any component is damaged then immediately make the substitution.

2. Check the condition of the LCD connector

xiaomi redmi 4a no display light problem
Check the LCD Connector for Xiaomi Redmi 4A. In case of corrosion. Then do a resolder on the pin toe of the LCD connector.

3. Check input voltage and output

xiaomi redmi 4a no backlight
Try checking the voltage in the components and path to be transmitted to the LED light on the LCD screen.

4. Do jumper paths

xiaomi redmi 4a rolex no display
Jumper paths on the components that correspond to the diagram image, usually there are dashed paths on the mobile leave of the water. But take measurements first with a multimeter tool to ensure the condition of the paths and components is damaged.

5. Do a second stage line jumper

jumper solution xiaomi redmi 4a no display
If some steps above have not produced the best results. Then try to do the trick solution jumper according to the picture listed. Hopefully in this way the no display light problem on the Android smartphone's Xiaomi Redmi 4A can be resolve.
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The cause of damage to a phone may vary. But still can do some improvement steps to get the best results.

Such information and tutorials on how to repair damage mobile phone Xiaomi Redmi 4A no display light or no backlight. Hopefully, it can be useful for all of you. Thanks.