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Xiaomi Redmi 6A Touchscreen Problem Way Jumper Solution

Hello revisit with Mobilintec Team, this time we will discuss the touchscreen malfunction of the Xiaomi Redmi 6A not work. Perhaps those of you who are smartphone users with Xiaomi Redmi has experienced problems with the touch screen that can not be touched, less sensitive, or ghost touch.

It will surely irritate you because it will cause the difficulty of setting up a mobile phone. Because the touchscreen function on a mobile phone is an input command in the running of a feature or menu contained on a phone.

The cause of damage to a touchscreen phone could include many things. The error of use or failure of the mobile software operating system is often called the "bug system".

For more in the very most of what can cause touchscreen damage on the phone Xiaomi Redmi 6A is the following:

  • The touch screen broke, cracked because the phone dropped.
  • Rust is caused by water.
  • Malfunction of the touchscreen connector.
  • Damage to internal components such as resistors, capacitors, IC, and others.
  • Damage to the operating system or Firmware.
If damage to the touchscreen occurs but does not result in a screen that breaks or cracks. Then you should do a deeper check.

But for the first step you can take corrective steps as follows:

Perform a hard reset or reinstall

For the first step, you can do a hard reset or reinstall on a Xiaomi Redmi 6A phone that has a damaged touchscreen. But it's good, you backup first on important files that are on your phone. In order not to happen the worse with missing its important data of yours.

For a tutorial on how to hard reset or reinstall on a phone Xiaomi Redmi 6A. You can get or search on Google search to get the right guide.

Perform touchscreen repair of Xiaomi Redmi 6A manually

If you have done a hard reset and also re-install, but have not given the best results. Then it is advisable to do a touchscreen repair by manual. This way can overcome touchscreen damage Xiaomi Redmi 6A is difficult to touch, a touchscreen is less sensitive or ghost touch.
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The steps that can be done include:

1. Check socket and PIN touchscreen connectors and LCD

This can be applied when your Xiaomi phone is exposed to water. Then it can examine the entire socket and also wipe from corrosion-causing rust. Resolder each connector pin to make the condition return to normal.

2. Do away jumper

Xiaomi Redmi 6A Touchscreen Problem Way Jumper Solution
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You can do touchscreen repairs by hitting the track jumper. If the condition is encountered disconnected. The application of the Xiaomi Redmi 6A touchscreen path jumper can see in the diagram picture given.

3. Replace the bottom PCB panel

Xiaomi Redmi 6A Touchscreen Problem Way Jumper Solution

The next step can make changes to the motherboard at the bottom of the phone Xiaomi 6A. Touchscreen that can not be touched possibly due to the bottom PCB panel suffered damage.

4. Replace the flexible cable

Xiaomi Redmi 6A Touchscreen Problem Way Jumper Solution
Breaking the line or a flexible cable that is torn can cause the touchscreen to malfunction and also other functions such as the Speaker buzzer, the charger port becomes interrupted.

5. Replace the touchscreen or LCD

The last step you can do is to make changes to the touchscreen section. Great possibility of damage to the touchscreen IC so that touchscreen becomes difficult to touch or ghost.
But in general, his touchscreen on sale blends with the LCD. But if you have expertise in the process of separating the touchscreen display with the help of special tools then it is worth a try. It can save the cost of repairing the Xiaomi phone.

That's how the fix steps Xiaomi Redmi 6A that suffered touchscreen damage. Hopefully, this tutorial can be useful for all of you. Thanks.