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4 Steps Repair Damage Oppo A37 Backlight Display

The no backlight display malfunction of the Oppo A37 Android smartphone is a problem with the lack of light in the display on the LCD screen. But sometimes there is also an LCD screen that is white or light dimmed. Damage no backlight display does not mean total dead damage, you can still listen to the ringtone sound as well as the incoming notification tone. But because the absence of light produced on the phone's LCD will complicate you in using the phone.

The damage to the backlight of the LCD display can be caused by various factors. As with any phone that falls due to an error in use. Or it happens as a result of the Android smartphone Oppo A37 exposed to water so that the fluid enters the phone and interferes with the performance of the phone's internal components.

Maybe some of you as an Android smartphone user Oppo A37 encountered a similar obstacle IE no backlight LCD display. So on this occasion, Mobilintec Team will share how to repair the damage. And in the hope can help solve the damage no backlight on the Oppo A37 phone.

The following are some symptoms of damage to the Oppo A37 LCD display backlight that you may be experiencing

  • White display on the LCD
  • No display at all on the LCD screen
  • The light dims on the phone screen
  • No light at all on the LCD
For initial steps in resolving the backlight damage problem, you will usually try to change the new part of the LCD. And certainly, this way can indicate whether the LED light on what LCD can be functioning or not.

But if switching on the LCD panel does not provide the best results, there could be damage to the internal components of the Oppo A37 phone. It should be done in a more detailed examination so that the cause of damage can be found.

How to fix the smartphone malfunction Oppo A37 backlight display LCD:

1. Check the LCD pin connectors
As a first step try to check the LCD connector. Simply install the installed condition, try detachable and re-attach the LCD connector and test back the function from the LCD whether the light and image can be displayed.

2. Clean the LCD socket
No display damage or No backlight can cause problems with the LCD socket. Try cleaning the socket if there are dirt and corrosion. Do also re-solder the pin toe of the LCD deposit in case of damage.
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3. Check the path of LED + light and LED light –
Perform measurements on LED light trails using multimeter tool Help. Make sure that the voltage is well-adapted and that no path is disconnected. If you find a path that is disconnected, immediately repair it by means of a path jumper.

4. Check the internal components of the display filter
4 Steps Repair Damage Oppo A37 Backlight Display
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To perform the check, Mobilintec Team has given you an image diagram scheme that can be a guide for you to perform the inspection. Perform line-up and also voltage on the display filter resistor part which gives the voltage to the LCD connector socket. If there is a defective component then immediately make the substitution with the same component and also the same value.

Those are some steps that can be done to repair the damaged Android smartphone Oppo A37 backlight LCD display. Indeed damage to the phone can be triggered a variety of things. But you can still try the step described above to solve the damage No the backlight. Thanks.