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How To Fix Headphones Audio Effects Xiaomi

How To Solve Headphones And Audio Effects Xiaomi Not Work
How to Solve Headphones and Audio Effects Xiaomi phone does not work - For those of you who love to listen to music free use smartphone phones. It would be great to have fun when composing an earphone or headphones. But what happens if the resulting sound is not what we want it to be. Such as too slow sound or poor bass quality and other unmatch.

For you who are composing one of Xiaomi brand smartphones must know with the name features Headphone and Audio Effect. Where this feature can change the sound that comes out of the earphones or headphones as we want. In the Headphones & Audio Effects feature, there are several types of earphone models and will emit different sounds with their characteristics.

Surely you will be disappointed if the noise generated by the earphones does not match your expectation. Although the quality of your earphones or headphones is quite good and expensive.

Then how to solve Headphones and Audio Effects not working on Xiaomi phones?

From the Mobilintec Team experience, Headphones & Audio Effects feature can be used for various types of earphones. Although the earphones are not Xiaomi Productions, you will still be able to use Headphones & Audio Effects on Xiaomi phones.

But if the feature Audio Effects does not also work with the earphone you have, there are a few tricks and ways that this feature can function well and optimally.

Here's how to enable the Headphones  and Audio Effects feature on your Xiaomi phone

  • Restart your Xiaomi Smartphones.
  • Please check back to use the effects, go to the Settings menu > Additional Settings > Headphones & Audio Effects.
  • If it still does not work, restart your Xiaomi phone again with the earphones that are still connected on the phone.
  • Then try to check back on the phone settings whether Headphones & Audio Effects is working.
How To Solve Headphones And Audio Effects Xiaomi Not Work
If the Audio Effects feature is already working then you no longer need to download the Audio Effects support app. Because basically, the feature is the default of any mobile device Xiaomi.

Thus the tips and tricks to overcome the features of Headphones & Audio Effects on Xiaomi phones are not functioning properly. Hopefully, it can be useful for users of Xiaomi smartphones. Thanks.