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PlayStation 5 Will Release The Exclusive Games In June 2020

PlayStation 5 Will Release The Exclusive Games In June 2020
According to the news in circulation in June 2020, the Sony party will hold events for PlayStation 5. And will also announce some exclusive game listings that will be present on the PS game console.

According to the information that can be Bloomberg, the event that will be held by Sony will be done online. But this plan could have changed as the day and also the time, this information in the can from the party that knows it.

From the information obtained so far, Sony only still expose to the specifications of the console games PS 5 and also the PS 5 logo. Mark Cerny which is the architect of the PS 5 mentions that Sony PlayStation 5 will be in a provision SSD storage media as well as the most advanced AMD processors nowadays.

Brief specifications of Sony PlayStation 5

For the specifications of a Sony games console will be supplied with an AMD Zen 2 octa-core processor that has a speed of 3, GHz. And also AMD's rDNA 2-based graphics processor as well, for RAM usage on PS 5 has a capacity of 16 GB.

In addition, Mark Cerny describes a console game that still uses hard disk DRIVES for 2 to 50 milliseconds to load data of 50 Samai 100 MB. While the use of SSDS will have a performance of 10 x faster than HDD usage. Even in the process of reading a game, it is enough to take about 2.7 seconds if using an SSD.

P.S. 5 Not only has the privilege of using the SSD's internal storage. But still supports USB ports for hard drives can be used as a backward compatibility feature, so it can still run PlayStation 4 games via HDD

For his other features, Mark is revealing if the PS 5 game console will be able to support images at 4K and also 8K resolutions. Console game PS5 Sony's output can also read games from the Ultra High Definition UHD Blue-Ray discs.

As details and additional features are quite interesting. PS 5 also has a feature of the high-quality Ray Tracing features and also the audio that is called Tempest 3D Audio Tech. So that the sound of the games in the eject will have a 3D quality and certainly will give a more real atmosphere when we play a game.