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Repair damaged touchscreen Xiaomi Redmi 7A with way jumper

For those of you who are looking for a solution to the touchscreen damaged Xiaomi Redmi 7A that can not be touched or less responsive. Then you can get his repair solution on the article that will Mobilintec Team gives.

Maybe you've tried to do a calibration using an Android application that can help fix the touchscreen Xiaomi Redmi 7A that error or not responsive. But still does not give the best results. Or maybe also you have re-flash what firmware and still no best results that can be.

The damage to the touchscreen that is less responsive, difficult to touch, or error can be caused by various kinds of things. Such as for example a fallen phone, a phone that is depressed long enough, or a phone that is exposed to water. This means large possible damage occurred on the internal components of the smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 7A. Thus making the touchscreen become corrupted.

Here are some things that could cause Xiaomi Redmi 7A damaged the touchscreen

  • The LCD screen or the broken Touchscreen
  • Cell phone with water and rust and corrosion
  • Line break on the LCD connector or touchscreen display
  • Damage to internal components such as resistors, capacitors, IC, and others
  • Damage to the operating system or Firmware
Once you know some causes that can make damage to the touchscreen Xiaomi Redmi 7A. Then you can take the first step in making repairs to the damage.

How to repair the touchscreen Xiaomi Redmi 7A

1. Check the LCD and touchscreen sockets

As a first step, you can do a check on the touchscreen socket Xiaomi Redmi 7A. Try freelancing and re-attach the touchscreen socket and test its function. Whether there is a better change or stay the same.

2. Clean the touchscreen socket and resolder the connector pin
The next step is to try cleaning the touchscreen socket Xiaomi Redmi 7A. If there are corrosion and rust immediately cleanse with liquid alcohol. And do a resolder on each connector pin foot. Usually, corrosion and rust make the connector leg become detached from the Motherboard.

3. Do away jumper
Repair damaged touchscreen Xiaomi Redmi 7A with way jumper
Source Image: LAY NI and mobileRdx
A phone that is exposed to its water will cause rust on the motherboard, making some lines disconnected. In the diagram image, the Mobilintec Team can provide a guide to the line jumper on the touch screen Xiaomi Redmi 7A. Do measurements first with Multimeter, if the path is disconnected then immediately do the line jumper.

4. Replace the touchscreen
Repair damaged touchscreen Xiaomi Redmi 7A with line jumper
If you have made improvements to the track and also the touchscreen socket but still do not produce the best results. Then it is likely that there is damage to the touchscreen screen of Xiaomi Redmi 7A. It may include damage to the touchscreen IC or other components such as resistors or capacitors.

Then in the recommend do the touchscreen switching. You can try to separate the touchscreen screen from the LCD with the help of a separator (LCD separator). And be sure to do it in a thorough way so as not to damage the phone's LCD.

Such tips and tutorials that Mobilibtec Team can give in fix touchscreen damaged Xiaomi Redmi 7A error, damaged or not responsive. Hopefully, it can be useful for all of you. Thanks.