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Repair Oppo A37 No Service Or No Signal

Solution Oppo A37F/A37 No service or No signal - On this occasion Mobilintec Team will share the solution of damage repair smartphone Oppo Neo 9 (A37F/A37) that suffered damage no service and No Signal.

So for those of you who experience the same thing, you can do a few steps to fix Oppo A37F/A37 no network or no signal in the following way.
However, before you do a deeper repair for the damage Oppo A37 no signal. It's good to analyze with the easiest step first.

No signal or no network damage to Oppo A37F/A37 may occur due to damage to the software or hardware. So for the easiest step can try to check the settings or any software on Oppo A37 Neo 9.

How to fix Oppo A37F/A37 no service or no signal

1. Software Problems 

In the first step, you can check the IMEI code first by accessing the code * #06 # on the Dialpad. If the IMEI code does not appear, IMEI NULL or IMEI is INVALID. This can be a malfunction in the software, then try to do a hard reset or re-install with Oppo-based firmware according to the type of phone.
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2. Check the antenna path

Antenna path to the RF IC oppo A37
Try checking the antenna connector line to IC RF (signal IC) on the antenna Switch line. If you encounter a path that is disconnected after measuring with a multimeter, then the line jumper can be done on the disconnected part. Such damage could result in Oppo A37/A37F no signal.

3. Check the antenna cable condition

Repair Solution Oppo A37F A37 No service or No signal
Try measuring the antenna cable to the line on the antenna Switch Converter. and also do an inspection of internal components on the antenna Switch Converter, there may be faulty components or shorting. So that the signal can not be delivered properly to IC RF.

4. Heat up the RF IC

Repair Solution Oppo A37F A37 No service or No signal
If you have already re-installed and also perform a check on the antenna path. However, Oppo A37 still has no signal, there is a possibility of damage to the RF IC. Then try to re-heat the RF IC and also the baseband IC. Look at the diagram image example below.

5. Replace RF IC or baseband IC

If the Rehot method still does not give the best results on Oppo A37F/A37 Neo 9 no signal or no network. So the best step is trying to change one of the IC. But generally, no signal damage or no service on Oppo A37 Neo 9 often occurs in the IC baseband that has suffered damage. You can buy IC baseband through an online shop or mobile phone spare parts store in your area of residence.

So tutorial how to fix the damage Oppo a37F no service or No signal. Hopefully with this tutorial can be useful for those of you who are experiencing the same problem on the Oppo A37 phone.

If you have any questions can leave a comment below. Mobilintec Team will be happy to help you provide the best solution for you. Thanks