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Tricks Jumper Flashing With USB Pinout Nokia 225

Tricks jumper flashing with USB pinout Nokia 225 - Damage to system software a Nokia phone 225 RM-1012 is sure to happen frequently. It could be triggered by a mistake in the use of mobile phones or dropped phones and resulted in software errors.

Maybe some of you still have a Nokia phone with type 225 RM-1012 probably just to use to call. But with the running time could be the Nokia 225 phone has suffered damage to its software. And resulted in the phone can not run properly.

Because the old phone Nokia 225 RM-1012 was not young anymore. The phone 225 Nokia has launched about 8 years ago. And it is natural if there is some damage to the hardware or software.

Then how do I reinstall Nokia 225 RM-1012 with a USB pinout jumper trick?

Software damage can be improved by re-installing by using some tools such as the Infinity Best app. And also you have to download the firmware Nokia 225 RM-1012 consisting of files MCU, PPM, CNT. You can download or search for Nokia 225 firmware through Google search.

To Trick the pinout USB Cable jumper directly on the Nokia 225 PCB board you can see in the diagram image below:
Tricks jumper flashing with USB pinout Nokia 225
You also need a USB cable data that is still in good condition. Plug the data USB cable directly into the pinout on the Nokia 225 phone by using solder according to the image that Mobilintec Team provides. Don't get me wrong when pairing the USB data cable. Sort them by the cable color shown in the diagram image.
Tricks jumper flashing with USB pinout Nokia 225
Note: Make sure that when the process is pasting the cable into the Nokia 225 USB pinout, each cable does not unite. This could cause the computer or laptop can not detect the Nokia 225 phone that will be flashing.
Also please note that it is not wrong to enter firmware type with Nokia 225 RM-1012. It can be fatal as a mobile phone to be a total die or a hard brick.

Such is the way to do flashing on a Nokia 225 with a jumper trick USB cable data directly into the PCB board. Hopefully this information and tutorial can be useful for those of you who want to re-install on Nokia 225. Thanks.