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3 Step Repair Damage Oppo A39 No Backlight Display

Android Smartphone damage Oppo A39 as well as no backlight can be caused by a variety of things. Any errors in the use or damage to components on Oppo phones.

Damage no backlight LCD will surely make phone users will have difficulty in configuring smartphone devices. Because the user cannot see the display or image on the phone's LCD screen.

LCD backlight damage problem does not indicate that the phone is completely dead. You can still hear the incoming phone ring sound or message notification tone. But because the screen does not make light and images, it will be very difficult to see the menu on the Oppo phone.

Some things can cause damage to the backlight display
  • Very strong dropped phone
  • The screen is broken or cracked
  • The phone is depressed by heavy objects in a long time
  • The phone is exposed to water spill or other liquids
Symptoms of a phone backlight damage that you may be experiencing
  • The LCD screen does not display images
  • Only white display on the phone screen
  • The phone screen does not produce light
  • The light on the phone dimmed
After about some things can cause a malfunction of backlight display on the Oppo A39 smartphone. Next, we will discuss what steps can be done to fix the damage.

The following steps bug fixes no backlight display on the Oppo android Smartphone A39

1. Do LCD switching 

The first step you can do is try replacing your phone's screen with a new part. This way is very common for everyone if the phone is experiencing backlight damage. But if trying to change the new LCD still does not solve the problem, it can certainly damage not derived from the LCD. And there are likely problems with the internal components on Oppo A39 phones.

2. Check the LCD socket and also the path on the motherboard 

If no backlight display damage on Android Oppo A39 appears as a result of the phone being exposed to water. Then it can be checked on the LCD socket and also the line on the motherboard. A step you need to unpack the entire phone to perform the check. 

If corrosion or rust is found in the socket and also on the PCB line, it is recommended to do cleaning with alcohol fluid, so that the socket condition and the line return clean. Also, apply to resolder on each socket pin and do the line jumper if any part of the path is damaged.
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3. Check the driver components display light

3 Step Repair Damage Oppo A39 No Backlight Display
Source Image: mobileRdx and starlight mobile service
Component damage can also be one of the causes of no backlight damage. In the diagram image, the Mobilitec Team provides can be a guide to solving the problem of damage to the Oppo A39 phone. Check and measure the voltage with the help of the Multimeter tool.

If there are damaged components that have a shorting, then replace the same type of component immediately. Usually, the components are experiencing damage such as coil and also capacitor. Focus the checks on the areas that have been addressed in the diagram image.

That is the 3 steps of repair damage Oppo A39 no backlight LCD display. Hopefully with this tutorial can help you to solve the problem of damage. Thanks.