4 Steps Fix Damage Xiaomi Redmi 8A Not Charging

Fix Damage Xiaomi Redmi 8A Not Charging - No charging problems on mobile phones often occur on any phone. And also does not close the possibility of happening on the smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 8A.

If you encounter any problems such as damage can not do charging on Android phone Xiaomi Redmi 8A. So on this occasion, Mobilintec Team will share some damage repair solution Xiaomi Redmi 8A can not be in the charger.

Some steps can be done to resolve the damage Xiaomi Redmi 8A no charging, as follows:

1. Check the power source and also the USB cable

travel charger usb cable
The problem of Android phones that can not be done charging could be caused by factors outside of the phone. Mugkin just happens to damage the resources and also the USB cable you use when charging your phone.

If your phone is Xiaomi Redmi 8A you can not be in the charger, then check in advance whether there is damage to the power source and also the USB cable. You can try to borrow a USB cable a family member's or a friend, and check if your phone can be charging. If the charging is not possible, there can be damage to your Xiaomi phone.

2. Damage to the USB port

Damage to the USB port xiaomi redmi 8a
The phone could not be charging can be caused by damage to the USB port on the phone. To put it, you need to uninstall the damaged phone. Check the condition of the USB port, in case of damage such as corrosion and line break than can be done cleaning and continue with the resoldering on the path pin on the USB port.

3. Damage to the line and charging socket 

It is possible that the Xiaomi Redmi 8A smartphone that you have had damage could not be in the charger due to a water spill. This can happen and cause damage to the lines and sockets found on your device's Xiaomi motherboard. If this happens, the first step is to try to clean the corrosion and rust on the track and also the socket on the motherboard. 

Next, apply the path jumper method if there is a disconnected path due to corrosion exposed to water. You can also replace the flexible cable that connects the bottom panel of your phone to the top main motherboard. If the flexible cable has damage.

4. Damage to internal components

4 Steps Fix damage Xiaomi Redmi 8A not charging
If the above 3 steps have not given the best result of no charging damage problem on the Xiaomi Redmi 8A smartphone. Then there is likely damage to the internal components of the phone. In the diagram image that has Mobilintec Team provide can be a guide for you to check the damage. 

Perform checks on each component with the help of multimeter tools and measure also each voltage in each component. If there is damage to the internal components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, and other components, it is recommended to change the components of the same type and value.

That's the 4 steps you can try to repair damage to the Xiaomi Redmi 8A smartphone that no charging can do. The damage to the Android phone device can be triggered by various things and its repair solutions are also varied. Hopefully, this tutorial can be useful for all of you. Thanks.

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