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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime Backlight Display

Hello revisit with Mobilintec Team, this time we will discuss the damage on the smartphone Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532M backlight display. Perhaps some of you as a mobile user of Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime is experiencing problems of damage such as the absence of light on the LCD screen. This can be caused by various factors such as the phone that is falling, the phone is exposed to water, or damage to the internal components and also software.

Surely if the Samsung Galaxy J2 prime phone you are using has such damage will make you irritated. Because it will make it very difficult to use the Samsung smartphone. Indeed, if there is a phone call and also a notification of incoming messages will result in a ringing sound. But because the LCD does not generate the backlight, it will be able to operate your Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime phone.

Here are some damage problems Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532M LCD display backlight

  • The display on the LCD becomes white
  • No display on the LCD screen
  • Low light on the phone screen
General as the first step in trying to repair the damaged backlight display, you will try to replace the LCD panel with a new part. This is done to determine whether the damage occurred due to the LCD experiencing damage.
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However, if the substitution of LCD panels still does not provide the best results. Then there can be damage to the phone software or its internal components. For the next step, you can try to flash the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532M by using the Odin application.

Next step if your attempt to re-flash the phone Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime still has not solved the problem of damage no backlight. It can be checked on the internal components of the damaged phone.

Fix backlight damage on Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532M

The diagram image that the Mobilintec Team gives can be a guide to solve the problem of backlight damaged Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime.
Try checking the LCD socket if there is any damage caused by corrosion or rust. It can be done cleaning by using alcohol fluid. And also do a resolder on each LCD connector pin.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime Backlight Display
Check the 16volt DC voltage leading to the LCD socket with the help of the Multimeter tool. Is the voltage well-applied, if there is a problem then check the path to the 16volt voltage component. If there is damage to the path, then immediately apply the way jumper for the condition to return to normal.

Also, do inspections on other supporting internal components, in case of damage, it immediately switches the component with the same value. IC damage can also trigger the appearance of backlight damage, so it can also make changes in IC components.

That's how to backlight damage repair steps on the Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime. Hopefully, this way can be useful for all of you. Cell phone damage can be caused by many things and the way repairs are also different. However, you can still try the above-mentioned ways to describe the damage. Thanks.