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Step Repair Android Xiaomi Redmi 8A No Backlight

On this occasion, Mobilintec Team will share the post about the damage to the backlight display on the Xiaomi Redmi 8A smartphone. The problem of damage with no backlight is often symptomatic like an LCD that has no display, the LCD screen becomes white. Or in general, there is no light produced by the LCD screen but the ringing and notification sound can still be heard.

The cause of damage to this backlight can be caused by various factors. Such errors in the use of mobile phones such as falling phones are very strong. Or it could be due to the fluid that enters the phone Xiaomi Redmi 8A and caused damage to the internal components.

Obviously, if this damage happens to your Xiaomi phone you have will make you irritated. Because all activities are supported with the Phone becomes constrained caused by the absence of the display that you can see on the LCD screen.

Here are some of the symptoms and damage to the LCD display backlight that you may be experiencing:

  • White display on the LCD
  • No display on the LCD screen
  • Low light on the screen
  • Not his homepage backlight on the phone screen
If Xiaomi Redmi 8A phone you have had one of the symptoms described above. Then it can be done some repair steps that can overcome the damage.

Here are some steps to repair Xiaomi Redmi 8A no backlight display

1. Make changes to the LCD screen 

The first thing to do if experiencing such damage is to try replacing the new LCD part with a good condition. This can be applied if your phone has a burst or crack on the screen from falling firmly. By trying to replace the new LCD, hopefully, this damaging problem can be solved.

2. Check the line and the LCD socket 

No backlight damage to a phone can be caused by the fluid that enters the phone. And damages the line and the LCD socket on the Motherboard. So to fix it, it is recommended to uninstall all parts of the phone in order to perform the check. Usually, water will corrode and rust on the track and socket and impact the breaking path. So for the step repair immediately clean the corrosion and rust, if there is a path that broke immediately repair with the path jumper method.
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3. Check and replace internal components

Step Repair Android Xiaomi Redmi 8A No Backlight
Picture Source: LAY NI
If the condition of the LCD and the line is in good condition, but suddenly there is backlight damage on your phone. Then it can certainly occur problems in the internal components. The diagram image that Mobilintec Team provides can be a guide for you in trying to fix the backlight damaged.

Perform measurements on each component, if there is a defective component then immediately turn with components of the same type and value.
Try to check the components of the diode as well as the coil that has been marked on the diagram image. Often the component is damaged and results in the appearance of the backlight display.

That's the information and tutorial damage repair Backlight display on the Android smartphones Xiaomi Redmi 8A. Hopefully with this information can solve the problem that occurs on your own Xiaomi phone. Thanks.