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Repair Solutions Display Vivo Y81 No Backlight

In this post, we will cover the damage to the Android smartphone Vivo Y81 that suffered damage to the display backlight. This backlight damage will make the absence of display on the phone screen, but you can still listen to a phone call ringing sound.

No backlight damage can occur due to usage errors (dropped phones), damage to internal components, or possibly a cell phone that is affected by water spills.

It is certainly very annoying if the Vivo Y81 smartphone you are using is suddenly experiencing damage to this LCD display backlight. Because it will interfere with your activities when using your phone to call, send short messages, email, watch videos, and other activities.

So on this occasion, Mobilintec Team will try to provide a repair solution from the damage no backlight in the Android phone Vivo Y81. Because it may be one of you experiencing damage like this on your phone.

But before we go to the discussion on how to fix backlight damage in Vivo Y81 phones, first know what symptoms are inflicted by this no backlight damage.

Here are some damage problems on the phone LCD screen Vivo Y81

  • White Display on screen
  • No display is generated on the phone's LCD
  • The light on the phone screen dimmed
  • Light on the LCD does not exist at all
After knowing the symptoms of damage to the Android smartphone LCD screen Vivo Y81, then next we will try to do analysis and repair steps that can be done.

How to fix backlight display malfunction in Vivo Y81 smartphones

1. Replace the LCD panel 

Usually, the initial step is often done if the damage to the backlight display appears on a smartphone is by changing the LCD panel. Especially if the phone you use is falling firmly and causes the phone screen to not display images and light at all. 

Then the initial step can try to change the LCD panel so that it can be known if no backlight damage occurs due to damage to the LCD screen panel.

But if the LCD screen switching has been done but still does not provide the best results, then it can be ensured the damage comes from the internal components on the phone.

2. Check the connector socket 
The emergence of no backlight damage on Vivo mobile Y81 can also be triggered by the condition of the LCD panel connector that starts to break. This often occurs on mobile phones that are exposed to water resulting in the appearance of corrosion, mold, and rust on the entire connector socket inside the handphone. And do not close the possibility of LCD panel connectors also exposed to corrosion and rust.

For the improvement, you must uninstall all parts of the phone. In order to perform cleaning on the connector socket that is on the Android motherboard Vivo Y81.

Cleaning can only provide alcohol fluid to the entire connector socket so that corrosion and rust can disappear. If you find the disconnected pin of the connector then try to re-attach it again by resoldering. However, if the condition of the LCD panel connector is severely damaged, it can be substituted with a new part of the connector.

3. Check the backlight way and also the components
If the switching of the LCD panel and also repair on the connector socket still does not provide the best results. The next step is to test the backlight of the LCD panel and also the internal components of the phone.

In the diagram image that Mobilintec Team gives this can be a guide for you in checking the LCD backlight damage in Android Vivo Y81.
Repair Solutions Display Vivo Y81 No Backlight
Perform measurements on each component using the Multimeter tool. If the measurement results do not show the appropriate voltage, it can be changed to the damaged components such as the resistors, capacitor, diode, coil, and also other components.

Do also check on the path contained in the diagram image, if there is a way that is damaged due to corrosion it can be done the path jumper to return the condition to normal and good.

That's some solution for Android smartphone repair Vivo Y81 that suffered no backlight display damage. Hopefully with this information and tutorial can help you to overcome the damage. Thanks.