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How To Repair Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime No Sound Media

On this opportunity, Mobilintec Team is about to share information as well as repair tutorials on Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-g532g where the media sound does not exist.

This kind of damage is often intertwined on the type of Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime, it can be caused by a mobile phone connected to an active device speaker via an audio jack cable. So it raises the error of the system or damage to the internal components on the Android phone Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime.

If the damage occurs, so it will impact the sound of the speaker buzzer, the earpiece will not be heard. And if the volume setting is attempted in the Settings menu on the phone will show the yellow color at each level of sound settings.

This will cause you to get into trouble when carrying out a phone call as well as receiving a phone call. Because there is no sound generated by the speaker.

Message notification tones can not be heard, the sound you are playing video, music or in the tune, you play the game does not sound, due to the damage no sound of this media.

Following steps repair Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime no sound media speakerphone

1. Clean the audio jack 

As a first step, try doing the cleaning on the audio jackholes on your phone. Use a cotton bud that has been dampened with alcohol fluid and gently clean it. Make sure the phone is dead in the Diala carrying out the cleaning of the audio jackholes.

After the process of cleaning the audio jack is enough, then the next step is to test the sound function on the phone, whether the sound can be heard from the speakerphone. If there is still no change there can be damage to other parts of the phone.

2. Perform a phone hard reset 

No sound media damage or no sound in the speaker on Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime, it can also be caused by an error in its system. As a fixed step that can be tried is with the method of hard reset the phone to return to the original settings such as when you start buying the phone.

But before carrying out the hard reset, make sure to first perform the backup of all your personal information to an SD card or to a laptop or computer.
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3. Check and replace internal components 

If the hard reset process always does not give the best results from the damage no sound speaker or no sound media, then it can be attempted checking on the internal components of the phone.

Generally, if this kind of damage to the Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532G, the problematic internal components are in the headset filter IC.

In a photo diagram that has a Mobilintec Team share can help you make the damage done. Try changing the headset's IC filter.
Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime No Speaker Phone No Sound Media
You can take a replacement IC component from another Samsung Android phone motherboard or a phone motherboard of the same type. Also, make sure the series and code of the IC are the same.

Thus 3 steps you can try to fix the damage no sound media or no sound speaker on your Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-g532g. Hopefully, the information and tutorial repair of this phone can be useful for all of you. Thanks.